Ebola Headed for the United States for the First Time in History

ebola in the united states


After fears that the deadly Ebola virus currently ravishing West Africa could somehow find its way to the United States, the Emory Hospital in Atlanta has announced its bringing the virus to the United States.

Two American aid workers working in West Africa, Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly, have both contracted the deadly Ebola virus, which has currently killed some 729 people. Despite recent reports that both were improving slightly, the United States has decided to bring its infected citizens to the isolation wing of Emory Hospital to be treated.

Below you can see a video explaining the isolation measures that will be taken during transportation and in the hospital to prevent Americans from getting infected:

On Thursday, a business jet equipped with an isolation pod left the United States to evacuate the two infected American back to the United States. Their arrival in Georgia later this week will be the first time a person infected with Ebola will be on American soil.


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it should not be brought to North America period, 2 people for millions and millions??? ah no


They took precautions in Africa to not get sick and we see how well that went. Now they’re endangering millions.


I agree, though these are good people; I’ve read about the infected doctor and nurse and they’re selfless healers.

But you’re right. This is a *HUGE* risk. I only hope the CDC and Emory Hospital know what they’re doing. We’ll all pay an inconceivable price if it goes badly.

Atlanta is a crowded city with an international airport and serves as a major hub for air travel to most of the Southeastern US. There aren’t too many worse places to have an outbreak…

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