Islam Yaken, ‘Hipster Jihadi’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Islam Yaken, hipster jihadi


Islam Yaken is a 23-year-old man fighting for the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) in Iraq. Yaken made waves on social media because of his appearance, which often includes long curly hair, big trendy glasses and a sword. These photos have earned him the moniker the “hipster jihadi.”

ISIS, which rose to infamy fighting against Assadist forces in Syria, has been condemned by a majority of the world for brutal tactics that often include filming beheadings and crucifixions and sharing the footage online.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. He’s an Educated Middle Class Guy From Cairo

Yaken, profiled in the video above from The New York Times, is a young bilingual middle-class man from Cairo, Egypt. Al Arabiya describes his life before joining ISIS as “cosmopolitan,” as he went to high school at the French school Lycee la Liberte, where he graduated in 2009. After that, he attended Ain Shams University, where he completed a law degree in 2013.

2. His Friends Say He Used to Be Fun

hipster jihadi


Speaking to Al Arabiya, a friend said that Yaken was a funny and respectful person. He also liked trance, house and rap music.

Yaken’s politics have changed over the years as his friend recalls his support of the Egyptian Brotherhood to later referring to them as infidels.

3. He Was a Musclebound Fitness Buff

Islam Yaken


Yaken’s profile on the Russian social media website VK shows a number of pictures and videos working out and flexing. According to Egyptian Chronicles, he loved going to a gym and even worked as an instructor at his gym in Cairo.

4. He Reportedly Went to Syria to Join ISIS

Hipster jihadi islam yaken


Suddenly, in 2013 after finishing his degree, he left Egypt and reportedly headed to Syria to join ISIS in the extremist battle against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. He has now been seen fighting in Iraq.

It’s only in the last few weeks, however, that his long hair and glasses have drawn the attention of the western and Egyptian media.

5. The Islamic State Recently Captured Iraq’s Largest Dam

ISIS map

The area in dark red shows the sections of Iraq and Syria currently in control of ISIS. (WIkiMedia)

The Islamic State now controls the large portion of Iraq and Syria that you can see above. Although a coalition of Secularists, Shiites, and Kurds are fighting back against the extremists, the IS keeps gaining territory and resources. This week, the Islamic State captured Iraq’s largest dam in a key victory over Kurdish forces and a potential weapon of mass destruction.


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It’s not the “Egyptian Brotherhood”, it’s the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nice job trying to intentionally blur the lines though.

Hosni Habif

While Christians around the world focus their hate against Israel and the Jewish people and Muslims focus their hate against Israel and the Jewish people, they have lost sight of what the worst problem facing the entire world is next to global warming. The greatest threat is the phenominal growth of radicalized muslims. They are springing up all over the world. The UN schools in Gaza as well as schools throughout the world, especially in muslim countries, are brain washing little children that it is their duty and they will be rewarded by Allah if they kill infidels. After years of being taught hate for others, in their teens they are ready to be terrorists. They estimate that there are over 12 thousand foreign terrorist in ISUS as well as tens of thousands of home grown terrorists.

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