Joe Clancy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The White House has announced retired Secret Service member and Director of Corporate Security at Comcast, Joe Clancy, is the new Secret Service Director.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Clancy is Temporarily Taking Over for Former Secret Service Director Julia Pierson



After former Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resignation amid harsh scrutiny from multiple White House breaches, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, announced retired former head of the agency’s Presidential Protective Division, Joe Clancy, would temporarily step in to fill the position.

Pierson’s resignation comes after a man was able to sprint across the White House lawn and make his way inside, before being stopped, along with a multitude of other incidents in her time as Secret Service Director.

2. He Previously Worked For Comcast



Clancy has spent the last three years working as the Director of Corporate Security for Comcast, with Comcast releasing a statement saying, “During more than three years at Comcast he was an integral part of our security team and we are sad to see him leave.”

While at Comcast, Clancy was responsible for protecting employees and assets, corporate investigations and assisting with policy development.

3. Clancy Was Part of Bill Clinton’s Secret Service Detail

Clancy was previously apart of the Secret Service protective detail that jogged with President Bill Clinton and has also worked with Presidents Obama and George W. Bush, during his time with the Secret Service.

In the press conference announcing Clancy to his new position, Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated, “He is somebody who has earned the respect and admiration of the men and women who were his colleagues at the United States Secret Service. He is also somebody who has the full confidence of the president and the first lady.”

4. He Dropped Out of West Point

The US Army emblem hangs on the wall in

Clancy went to West Point Military Academy, where he played on their varsity football team. However, according to Patrick Clancy, Joe’s father, his grades began to slip while playing football and West Point officials tried holding him back a year, but he dropped out and continued his education at Villanova, where he graduated from.

5. Clancy is a Former History Teacher

Before working for the Secret Service, Clancy worked at Father Judge’s High School, where he taught Modern European and American government, at the all boys Catholic school.

He joined the Secret Service in Philadelphia in the 1980’s and then later in New York and Washington D.C.