WATCH: Jesse Williams of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on Race

Actor Jesse Williams on Race and Double Standards in America2014-12-18T07:39:33.000Z

Actor Jesse Williams appears in a viral video that was published on December 17. The Grey’s Anatomy star take aim at racism and double standards in America, including public housing discrimination, specifically in Chicago.

The star goes on to discuss the logic behind the argument that Michael Brown robbed a store and therefore deserved to be shot, versus the argument about whether corrupt Goldman Sachs bankers also deserve violence.

Williams is mixed-race, the son of an African-American father and a Swedish-American mother. In the video, he states, “Half of my family is white.” He also says, “I’m as white as you can get as a black person.”

Before anybody argues that this is just another case of an actor mouthing off about a cause célèbre, Williams graduated from and now teaches at Temple University in African studies, American studies and English.

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