Kimberly Scott, Stuart Scott’s Ex-Wife: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Kimberly Scott, Stuart Scott Ex-Wife, Stuart Scott Wife, Stuart Scott Girlfriend, Stuart Scott Daughters


ESPN anchor Stuart Scott had been absent from Sportscenter and ESPN’s Monday Night Football pregame and post-game coverage as he underwent cancer treatments, and while he was fighting the disease, the MNF crew paid tribute to Scott before a Packers-Falcons game. Scott died Sunday at the age of 49.

Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, he was married to ex-wife Kimberly Scott. Read on for the facts on their marriage, children, and Scott’s current girlfriend.

1. Stuart and Kimberly Scott Were Married From 1993 to 2007

Kimberly Scott, Stuart Scott Ex-Wife, Stuart Scott Wife, Stuart Scott Girlfriend, Stuart Scott Daughters


According to court documents, Stuart Scott and his ex-wife Kimberly married in 1993 and then divorced in 2007. You can view a document related to the divorce case here. The document also makes note of Kimberly’s career moves, stating:

She attempted a return to school for an advanced degree, but she was not able to complete her program because she made providing for the needs of her girls and her extended family a higher priority. She decided instead to invest in her family’s business, a pharmacy in North Carolina. She currently owns 100% of this business. She believes the pharmacy holds great promise and potential for her future financial security, and she has not otherwise provided for her retirement.

The documents also stated that Kimberly Scott paid expenses for her sister as well as her parents.

2. Stuart & Kimberly Scott Have 2 Daughters

Taelor and Sydni are Scott’s two daughters. BiJog reported that Scott had mentioned that he was with his daughters when he separated from his wife, leading people to believe that he attained custody of them. However, it is reported that Kimberly and Stuart Scott share custody. They reportedly live in Avon, Connecticut, though daughter Taelor is now in college. Sydni is in her school’s choir. In Scott’s divorce documents, the court describes his two daughters as this:

These children have always enjoyed an affluent and privileged lifestyle. They have met the President of the United States, regularly attend sports events like the London Olympics and the NBA Championship, are invited to balls, cotillions, movie premieres and other such “red carpet” events. The testimony described Sydney as a typical teenager:  active, athletic, indulged, creative, artsy, gifted and confident. The court previously made similar findings about Taelor.

One of Scott’s fears has been that his daughters will grow up without their father.

3. Scott Kept His Social Life Very Private When Married to His Ex-Wife

Kimberly Scott, Stuart Scott Ex-Wife, Stuart Scott Wife, Stuart Scott Girlfriend, Stuart Scott Daughters


When Scott was married, he reportedly was very strict about keeping his private life private. BiJog previously reported:

Stuart is very strict about avoiding rumors about his social life. Whenever he is seen with a cheerleader or any other woman, he makes sure that no one photographs him. He does not want any rumors of an affair. If he is not allowing people to post his pictures on the internet, asking about details regarding his marriage life is out of the question.

4. Scott Had Been Dating Kristin Spodobalski Before His Death

Scott began dating Kristin Spodobalski in 2013. There is a large age gap as Spodobalski is only 26 years old, but the age difference hasn’t impacted the couple’s love for each other. Scott has spoken about the immense support he has gotten from his girlfriend and Player Wives wrote:

As Scott so vividly paints, the sight of Kristin sleeping on a miserable cot next to his bed reminded him what he was fighting for.

Recently, Spodobalski retweeted the below post, which some can speculate has to do with Scott’s fighting for his life to conquer his cancer.

5. Scott’s Alimony & Child Support Payments Were Quite Large

In Scott’s divorce settlement, he was made to pay his ex-wife alimony and child support, in addition to covering other finances, according to court documents. The documents state:

The 2007 judgment contains the most recent orders for child support and alimony:  $600,000.00 annual alimony and $636.00 weekly child support for two minor children. Defendant then earned $1,924,000.00 a year.

It continues:

Defendant paid 100% of his daughters’ private school education and their “enrichment” activities fees like soccer, dance, tai kwon do and “Jack & Jill” conferences, an African–American leadership training group.   He continues to do so for Sydney, and he is 100% responsible for Taelor’s university tuition and fees, some $60,000 per year.   He provides Taelor with a weekly allowance of at least $100.00.   There are “529” college education plans in place for both girls, but neither have any significant assets of their own.   The court finds that both girls remain dependent on their parents for financial support even though Taelor is legally an adult.

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