Kenda Sunderland Says She Was Bored at OSU

Kendra Sunderland OSU Student Porno Porn Video Charges

In a exclusive, America’s latest college porn star says that she dropped out of Oregon State University because she was “bored.” Kendra Sunderland told us that studying at the school “wasn’t what [she] wanted for her life.” Back in October 2014, Sunderland made a video in the library at OSU that showed her masturbating. The clip was later uploaded to PornHub and was viewed over 260,000 times before being removed.

The Oregonian reports that Sunderland admitted to making the video. She was cited for the crime and released by she will face and indecency charge. That could carry up to 1 year in prison and a fine of $6,250.

Kendra Sunderland Instagram

According to the OSU website, Sunderland was studying human development and family science. On her now-deleted page, Sunderland says she was psychology student. However on her profile at MyFreeCams, she says she’s an accounting student.



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Go Local PDX, citing the criminal complaint in Sunderland’s decency charge, reports that the amateur porn star was turned in by fellow student, Kaitlyn Yarnell. She denied involvement in the issue to the website. However, Yarnell’s Facebook has been deleted and her Instagram is now private. The complaint, written by Senior Trooper Christopher Graves reads:

On January 27, 2015 at approximately 2:30 p.m. I was tasked into a complaint of a video of a female that was posted to a pornographic site claiming that the solo act that was being performed occurred in the Oregon State Library. I was able to identify the suspect as the female and she admitted that she performed the act in the OSU Valley Library back in October.

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