Q-Flex After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

Andrea Cao was in the eighth grade when she entered the Shark Tank to pitch Q-Flex, a personal acupressure device. This fall, she will be a freshman at San Luis Obispo High School, while continuing her work as the CEO of the company. She entered the Tank with her mother and secured a deal with Mark and Barbara. Since the show, the mother-daughter duo has hired six employees. We caught up with Cao before her episode re-aired on August 7th. She talked to us about…

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Balancing Work & School

I was told high school will be more challenging than middle, especially with the honors courses, but I’m sure I will be able to handle it. I have always been good at managing my time, and luckily with this new business experience I have learned even more prioritizing. I have someone feeding the horses during the school year for me, so I won’t have to drive up to the ranch twice everyday. I have finished all of my summer horse projects and won’t be taking in any new horses for training until next summer and school year when I can drive. Sadly, I had to downsize, and I am left with my just my new wild mustang project, a 3 year old gelding that was captured in Nevada before I took him in. Having fewer horses will be a lot easier for me! After the horses, it’s just homework and being the CEO of my company. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? My mom is my lifesaver, she does the most for the company when I need the extra time. So glad she will be there to help me! Thank you, mom!

Being a Part of Amazon Exclusives

The Amazon Exclusives program has been amazing. It has boosted our sales through the roof, and we have seen huge success with Amazon. It’s like a retail space without actually being in retail. They do their own marketing for us, and they even fulfill for us! Plus, they are really cool people to work with.

Mark & Barbara’s Involvement

Mark still provides his amazing team for us 24/7, 365 days a year, whenever we need it. I don’t know how we would be able to do it without them! Barbara is always there with endless support and consulting.

Her Advice to Kids Entering the ‘Tank’

Be confident and strong. Don’t just think you can do it, know that you can do it. Prepare yourself for whatever happens, and know that whatever the outcome is, you are walking out of there a winner. I mean, how amazing is that, to even get considered for the show. To know that someone believed in you or your product, is an achievement in it’s own. Whether it be the casting staff, producers or the Sharks themselves. Someone thought that you were worthy, smart, confident and genius enough to be considered for the show. Enjoy the experience, it’s once in a lifetime and let me tell you now, it was the greatest couple of days of my life. The Sharks are tough. They are as real as they come. But don’t let them knock you down without a fight. And if that happens, then surprise them with how fast you get up. Think and be the entrepreneur you are. Good luck, but everyone knows you won’t need it.

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