How Did Ben Carson Do in the Republican Debate?

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Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson takes part in the presidential debates at the Reagan Library on September 16, 2015 in Simi Valley, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tonight political newcomer Dr. Ben Carson was a featured participant in the CNN GOP debate. How did the doctor do answering his questions in what his presidency would be like?

According to Nate Silver’s Fivethirtyeight, Carson’s chance of being president may be fading. Fivethirtyeight writes:

Ben Carson was incorrectly written off by the media as having a poor performance during the first Republican debate. In fact, however, Google search traffic suggested that a lot of people were looking him up during the debate. It turned out that he was rewarded with a bounce in the polls.

But this time around? Carson’s well behind in Google search traffic versus Trump, Fiorina and Jeb Bush. And — relatedly — he hasn’t had that much airtime, or made much of what he’s had. Voters can appreciate Carson’s quiet demeanor. But it’s one thing to be low-key, and another to be low-energy.

The Google traffic that Silver references can be viewed below.

gop debate, donald trump, republican primary debate, republican debate, cnn


In the graph, Carson is represented in green. He is basically a flatline in regards to interest in search terms throughout the debate.

Complaints about Carson have been that he seems too nice to be president. Carson took on that complaint on CBS’ “Meet the Press”, saying:

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being nice. But my life is multi-faceted.”

It seems like Carson’s time may be up as a presidential hopeful. Watch the full debate here.


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Brian Keating

Dr Ben Carson is exceptionally careful with his statements, is extremely intelligent, interested in making OUR United States once again a Respected Authority in World Powers. He has vision that has roots tying back to our founding fathers and is the only candidate that realizes and professes that we need now more than ever a commitment from people to help people—NOT government programs.
His analogy the other day about our nations early years when a farmer breaks his leg PEOPLE (not just friends) came from all around to bring in his crops. Not government – people helping each other. The roots of our nation are deep and strong. When respectable individuals/families are down and out the entire community rises to lend a hand. Government needs to separate itself from this social issue.
Government is not responsible to a welfare state – the New Deal was to move us from the low of WWII, not to bring a Socialist State to our United States.
Ben Carson will surround himself with a staff of intelligent individuals that will brainstorm ideas so that he can make STRONG Crucial decisions and bring us back to a respectable Power we should be, not seen since 81-89 & years of Ronald Reagan. The Iranians and Russians will think twice before exploiting their ideals.
Ben Carson was before, is still now my leading candidate.

Reality check

All these comments paid for by the elect Ben Carson political campaign.

Also besides being a really nice guy, he’said black so if anyone says anything negative,,,, their obviously racist.

Ben is another black canidate with no political history to fault him for and since he’s quite and doesn’t say anything no one knows where he stands on any issues.

Vote Ben Carson for change.
Oh that was the other guy. Don’t worry we’ll come up with something.

Ben Carson our new black candidate. He’s not white, he’s not a woman, he’s got my vote.

Dave Klem

I have 4 books by Dr. Carson, have read 3 and still see him as the best strategy to rebuild America. Just about all of the theories that you are hearing from the other candidates were already written by Ben Carson in his books. I believe Ben Carson chose to remain silent for the most part in order to let the other candidates expose themselves and the same political BS we have always had in DC.


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