WATCH: The Ad That Joe Biden Didn’t Want to Air Before the Democratic Debate

The Draft Biden Super PAC originally had this ad slated to run before the Democratic debate on CNN. But when Vice President Joe Biden saw it, he was angered and felt that the ad exploited the tragedies he’s experienced in his life. He asked the Draft Biden campaign to not run the ad and they agreed, leaving the ad only to be seen online. Instead, the PAC will be running this ad before the campaign.

The original ad featured clips from a speech that Biden gave just before his son Beau Biden’s death, where he talked about what he went through after his first wife, Neilia, and daughter Naomi died in a car crash in 1972. He felt that the ad treaded on sacred ground and did not want it to run.

The ad brought up a lot of bad feelings, and two sources close to Biden said that if he does decide to run for president, he may not use the existing super PAC in his efforts, Politico reported.

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