Black Friday Fights: The Videos You Need to See

lady steals from KID! black friday 2015Im posting anonymous because I don want 2b fired, but I work at this store in saginaw and this lady stole a veggie steamer from a KID on black friday! Shame.2015-11-27T02:22:22Z

Black Friday just wouldn’t be complete without a fight or two breaking out as people dash through stores like Walmart to get to limited-time deals. In the above video, a woman steals a veggie steamer from a child. When the mom dares to get angry at her, she shouts “Why are you being so oppressive?! You’re scaring me!” This happened in Saginaw, but some viewers think this particular video was staged. Below, you’ll see more videos, like two men breaking into a fight in the middle of a mall food court for no apparent reason at all. And in another video, a man decides to punch a cop at Walmart because that will somehow get him a better chance at scoring a low-priced TV.

These are the videos from Black Friday 2015 that you don’t want to miss.

VideoVideo related to black friday fights: the videos you need to see2015-11-27T03:03:29-05:00

In this YouTube video, a man takes a shortcut over a refrigerated case of orange juice, for some reason… It’s not quite clear what he’s trying to get to in this scene, but some alert viewers say that Walmart often stacks video games and DVDs in the food section in order to help spread out traffic.

Black Friday coos bay walmartFighting over video games on black Friday. licensing@rumble.com2015-11-27T03:37:09Z

Ever since a huge Black Friday stampede at a Walmart in Long Island left one woman dead in 2008, Black Friday fights have come under a closer eye — but they still happen. Such as this classy fight in a mall:

VideoVideo related to black friday fights: the videos you need to see2015-11-27T03:03:29-05:00

Meanwhile, a huge fight broke out between two shoppers at a mall in Louisville, Kentucky, NY Daily News reported. It’s unclear what caused these two shoppers to decide that a knock-down was needed in the middle of the food court, where no one was vying for limited-time sales.

El Paso, Texas doesn’t want to be left out of the fun. This guy, for some reason, thought it was a smart idea to try to punch a cop because he really wanted a Walmart TV:

Black Friday Brawl 2015, crazy guy swings on copCrazy man swings on cop during black Friday 2015 in El Paso, TX…over a tv!!2015-11-27T05:44:53Z

Here’s another view from that El Paso Walmart:

And in London, shoppers were starting to get just as frantic as America’s Black Friday fever spreads. This scuffle took place in a London Tesco, The Guardian reported. Seven police cars and two ambulances arrived and the store was actually closed due to concerns about how crazy shoppers were getting.

Finally, these Walmart shoppers broke through a barricade as they formed a human stampede heading toward low prices:

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