Fairlane Town Center Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Fairlane Town Center mall in Michigan was locked down after a shooting inside the building. The lockdown was ordered just after 4 p.m. on November 9. It happened in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, 10 miles from the down town area.

This is a breaking story so stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. The Gunfire Broke Out at an Orange Julius Store

Fox Detroit reports that the gunfire was the result of a robbery attempt on an Orange Julius. That store is close to the Macy’s entrance to the mall, also close by is a Diamond Jewelers outlet.

2. Nobody Was Hurt

We have no reports of any victims as this time. Click on Detroit reports that nobody was hurt after the attack.

3. The Suspects Are Still at Large

Suspects in the shooting fled the scene and are being sought by police. There are as many as four suspects in the shooting.

4. A Massive Police Response Is on Scene at the Mall

Fairlane Town Center Shooting

The main entrance to the Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn, Michigan. (Wikipedia)

WXYZ reports that there is a massive police response at the mall. Local schools in the area have also been put on lockdown, reports CBS Detroit. Evening classes at the Henry Ford Community College and at University of Michigan- Dearborn were also canceled.

5. The Town of Dearborn Is the Model for Arab-American Integration

Arab American National Museum dearborn


A February 2015 piece by the Daily Beast’s Nancy Kaffer referred to Dearborn as the place “where Muslims are Americans.” The article points out that conservatives seek to incorrectly paint the suburb as a hotbed of Sharia law in America. According to Planetizen, Dearborn is America’s “Muslim capital” with around 40,000 of the town’s 90,000 population giving Muslim as their chosen faith. The area has twice been visited by Islamaphobic preacher Terry Jones for protests.