What Is Green Monday 2015?

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It’s Green Monday 2015, so what does that mean? Green Monday is an online retail term that is similar to Cyber Monday. EBay actually came up with the term to describe its best sales day in December, which is usually the second Monday in the month. The deals and sales are great for last-minute holiday shoppers.

The holiday was created in 2007 and ComScore originally reported that:

“Green Monday,” a term recently coined by eBay to describe the second Monday in December as the heaviest online spending day of the season, may well live up to its lofty billing.

Some refer to the shopping holiday as “Cyber Monday 2″ with stores like Walmart, Best Buy and JC Penney all offering sales. Because of Thanksgiving occurring later this year, there is a smaller gap between the holidays and comScore believes that this could be a record-breaking sales day due to “pent-up consumer demand and less time to get all of one’s holiday shopping completed in time.”

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