How to Track Snow Plows in Virginia

virginia snow plow

Here’s how to track snow plows in Virginia. (Getty)

What are the road conditions like in Virginia? How do you know which roads in Virginia have been plowed and salted? The record-breaking blizzard may be one of the strongest in U.S. recorded history, but it’s getting close to time to starting heading back out into civilization. If you live in Virginia, here’s how to keep track of snow plows when you’re getting ready to head back out on the roads.

Here’s where you can find more information about snow plows in your area:

State of Virginia: The Virginia Department of Transportation has an official snow plow tracker map that covers much of the state, including Bristol, Staunton, Salem, Lynchburg, Richmond, Culpeper, and more. The link to the map is here. You can zoom in and out of the map to get a closer look.

Richmond: In addition, Richmond, Virginia has its own snow plowing status map. Go to this link and click “I Agree” to see the map.

Be safe when you go out on the roads. More than 1,000 accidents were reported in Virginia during the blizzard.

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