WATCH: Woman Releases Crickets & Worms on New York City Subway D Train

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A screenshot of the woman freaking out on the subway. (Instagram)

A distraught woman released live crickets and worms on the D train in New York, freaking out passengers.

A man who wrote about the incident on Instagram said the woman was trying to sell the insects, and grew upset when someone pushed or bumped into her. “Sadly, they all got out,” wrote the man.

It’s not clear whether the woman just lost her grasp on the container or released them purposely.

One person who was there told The New York Post that “pandemonium” ensued. The New York Post said someone pulled the emergency brake, but that just made things worse. “The air conditioning shut off and the screaming passengers were all stuck inside the sweltering car with the woman, who then treated them to antics for half an hour as the crickets jumped on passengers. The worms just wriggled on the floor,” said the Post.

The man captured part of the scene on Instagram. The video shows the woman acting frantically and erratically. Watch:

The New York Post says the incident occurred on August 24.

People wrote about the incident on Twitter:

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