Tornado Reported Near Flaming & Gary Minnesota

A large “stationary” tornado was reported near Flaming, Minnesota.

There were also reports of a tornado in Gary, Minnesota. A meterologist for The Weather Channel wrote, “Gate to Gate shear based on radar appears to be 113mph. This is 7.4mi NW of Gary #Minnesota. Nearly stationary. TORNADO WARNING. #MNwx.”

Another man wrote on Twitter, “CONFIRMED LARGE AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TORNADO near Flaming, Minnesota. Take cover now in Norman and Polk Counties!”

Some people took dramatic photos of the Minnesota weather on August 28:

Others posted maps and radar in an attempt to warn the public:

The tornado warning covered several Minnesota towns: Gary, Faith, and Flaming, and was reported until 10:45 PM CDT. Tornado Trackers wrote, “Destructive, ground-grinding tornado currently in Minnesota 50 miles NNE of Detroit Lakes. (9:30pmCST)”

The site Minnesota Weather noted, “Potential Tornado Near Flaming or 45 Miles S of Thief River Falls Moving E At 10 MPH. Large Hail.”

The news of a possible tornado in Minnesota comes just days after a tornado in Kokomo, Indiana. That tornado demolished 80 homes.

Flaming, Minnesota is located in Norman County, Minnesota.

The tornado was reported to be stationary at times.

A professor who teaches weather wrote on Twitter, “Strongest shear zone in tornado-warned storm in NW Minnesota exhibiting slow, erratic motion.”

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