Dakota Access Pipeline Maps & Routes: Where Would It Go?

dakota access pipeline

Dakota Access pipeline route. (Energy Transfer)

The four-state $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline has been the subject of heated clashes at construction sites, protests about sacred burial grounds, and legal battles.

The protests have drawn the largest gathering of Native Americans in 100 years to the reservation of the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota, where they are trying to stop the pipeline’s construction. Protesters say private security for the energy company pepper sprayed them and confronted them with dogs that bit some of them, including a child; the company and the Sheriff’s Department say protesters had knives and hatchets and injured private security and dogs.

On September 9, a federal judge ruled against the Standing Rock Sioux tribe leading the protest. The tribe says the pipeline could affect its water supply and claims its sacred burial sites were bulldozed.

However, the Department of Justice the same day put a temporary halt to the part of the pipeline that runs near North Dakota’s Lake Oahe, saying the government wants to review the permitting process used to approve it and meet with tribes to include them more in infrastructure decisions.

You can read the Standing Rock tribal lawsuit here. On the tribe’s website, you can find press releases about the alleged destruction of burial grounds; resolutions supporting the tribe; a donation link; and other information on the pipeline from the tribe’s perspective. On September 6, authorities said they may charge Green Party nominee Jill Stein with trespassing and vandalism for spray painting at the construction site, ABC News said.

But where would the pipeline be built, specifically? The pipeline would traverse 50 counties in four states, transporting “light, sweet crude oil from the North Dakota Bakken region through South Dakota and Iowa into Illinois,” says the company trying to build it, Dakota Access, LLC, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners.

The map above shows the entire route.

The pipeline would run through four states. Here are the route maps for each state:

North Dakota

Dakota Access Pipeline map

The project map for North Dakota. (Energy Transfer)

You can view additional route maps for North Dakota here.

The company says: “The Dakota Access pipeline will be underground and covered by a minimum of three feet of soil and more if the pipe is crossing unique land formations, such as agricultural areas, roads, or rivers, lakes and streams.”

Native Americans, environmentalists and some others are concerned that the pipeline could harm the water supply, destroy sacred sites, and possibly leak. The company says the pipeline will reduce dependence on foreign oil, bring jobs, and contribute tax dollars to the economy.

South Dakota

Dakota Access Pipeline south dakota

The project map for South Dakota. (Energy Transfer)

You can view additional route maps for South Dakota here.

“In most, if not all cases, homes will not be located closer than a few hundred feet,” says the company.


dakota access pipeline iowa

The project map for Iowa.
(Energy Transfer)

You can see additional maps for the route in Iowa here.

The company says that land owners “are entitled by law to receive compensation for having a pipeline on their property.”


dakota access pipeline illinois

The project map for Illinois. (Energy Transfer)

You can see additional route maps for Illinois here.

The company has established a toll free number and will provide more detailed maps to those who request them. The number is: 1-844-708-2639.




I always like it when “protestors” ware masks or bandanas over their faces, like common criminals.
If these protestors got jobs working on the pipeline, I’ll bet their families would appreciate it. As a tax-paying citizen, I KNOW I would appreciate it.


Perhaps they don’t want to breathe the chemicals or dirt the construction equipment produces. The TRUTH is- your comment about jobs proves you don’t understand the Native Americans or the other protesters and supporters, like me, who stand with them. The land they’re trying to use is sacred ground to the Natives. Money – a man made product- is NEVER more valuable than sacred land and WATER.

opsmitch kolar (@MitcheeMitch)

it doesn’t enter into the Res it only come with in a mile , so do you tell your neighbors a mile away what they can do, the Sioux are mad cause they aren’t getting any money out of it, they already have 2 pipelines running thru the res and get money for them,


That makes absolutely no sense. Yeah, they’re protesting because it’s NOT on their land and they want money so they’re lying about why they’re upset. They made up a plausible excuse for a ridiculous reason which is the REAL reason. You’re just a bigoted idiot. Yeah I know they get a lot of stuff for their ancestors ills but you want them to let that go but you won’t. Seriously.


If they didn’t want to breath harmfull chemicals, they shouldn’t have torched the millions of dollars of equipment…..


You need to really check the map, the pipeline is NOT going through sacred ground. You need to do more research on pipelines. First let me say, I have native american blood in me and very proud of it. The people protesting aren’t even part of the Standing Rock tribe… they are from other states, cities and countries causing trouble, destroying equipment and property. My husband worked pipeline for several years, they shut down the job on several occasions, because they found feathers of certain endangered birds, they found arrowheads and such things. Do you really think they are going through sacred ground? If these protesters had jobs I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have time to protest and be so destructive!!!!

Bob Koshman

Angelina…..your computer consumed a couple of barrels of oil to make. If you feel so strong…..throw your computer in the garbage so no more oil will be consumed. While you’re at it throw the keys away to your car….so you don’t use any more gas……plus all the plastic in your house from your carpets, cooking utenils , siding , carpets etc. Then pipelines will no longer be needed. Oh…..and tear out your furnace and toss it in the garbage,,,,,,wouldn’t want to consume natural gas needlessly.


I’m a taxpayer, whether you are, in fact, or not, and the fact is this: ENBRIDGE is an enemy of America! They have demonstrated through destruction that they will – and have – destroyed waters, air, soil, forests, habitat, beauty wherever they go. They are bullying aggressive destroyers and America’s oligarchs collude with them, give them permits, allow their violent destruction – and now are endorsing their violence against the protestors and reporters. Enbridge is the enemy and this pipeline is a horrible example, but is only one of many examples. Enbridge in Michigan is a scourge, a plague, and they are endangering the magnificent Great Lakes and that precious, beautiful state while the likes of Rick Snyder and his cronies let them run roughshod over the state and the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan (and the shores of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Canada, Pennsylvania, New York – where are the protestors against ENBRIDGE??!!). Jill Stein already had my vote and my donation, as has Democracy Now, and I wonder: where is Bernie? Where is Al Gore? Where is (cough, cough) Hillary? Bill? Chelsea? The DOJ? The EPA? What?? None of them are there with the protestors?? Paul Wellstone would have been there. Ralph Nader would have been there. (he’s getting pretty old and seems a bit frail these days). Where are civil rights “leaders”??? Native Americans aren’t “worthy” of civil rights protest involvement?? It is sickening to witness the hypocrisy and lies of “progressive leaders”!! We need to be calling out those who knowingly and willingly destroy the very environment that all our lives depend on for what they are: they are sociopaths, psychopaths – those who harm and destroy without conscience; they are the deviant outliers and we must confront the fact that we are allowing sick mentalities to destroy our home, Mother Earth! Those “masses” who crowded the halls for Bernie Sanders, who show up at concerts, those angry ones who block highways – where are they?? Can’t they find North Dakota or Enbridge’s locations or Michigan on maps??? The huge and proliferating sand mining operations that are demanded for fracking, the pipelines, the oil spills from pipelines under rivers and lakes, across fields, fracking, mining, drilling, earthquakes, poisoned waters, taking, taking, taking…. Where is America’s fury??!!!


still watching as the lies about “man made climate change” enrich aholes like fatso gorehole…and more unproven crap, like injection wells, cause earthquakes….Which oil company was in business and was responsible when the earthquake happened in crapafornia in 1906??? or the lid blowing off of Krakatoa in 1883 ? the communists have been more successful than in their wildest dreams about what their efforts at indoctrinating America’s children would do to our beloved land when more that 100 mental defectives think that anything modern is intentionally destructive….

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