Gatlinburg Fire Map: See Updated Locations of Tennessee Fires

Gatlinburg fire map

The Gatlinburg fire – also called the “Chimney Tops 2 Fire” has killed at least 11 people and burned through a swath of more than 20,000 acres in Tennessee, destroying homes and businesses throughout Sevier County.

Here is updated information on fire locations and acreage burned from December 1:

The popular tourist destination was located in a spot of majestic beauty at the gateway to the Smoky Mountains. You can click here to see an updated, interactive map of the fire’s footprint on ArcGIS.

Here are maps that show the location of the devastating blaze. According to Wildfire Today, the above map is a “briefing map of the Chimney Tops 2 Fire. Prepared by Great Smoky Mountains National Park November 29, 2016 for the November 30 day shift. The green text was added by Wildfire Today.”

Here is an interactive map posted December 2 (be aware that because of volume it’s periodically had some technical difficulties:)

The site added, “As far as we know this is the first publicly available map of the Chimney Tops 2 Fire that burned from Great Smoky Mountains National Park into Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.”

This document contains a detailed listing of active fires as of Dec. 1. To show the progress made, as of November 30, there were still 26 active fires in the area with 11,787 acres burned. As of December 1, there were five active fires with 21, 204 acres burned. However, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture reported, “The TDA Division of Forestry responded to no new fires statewide over the past 24 hours.”

This site has updated information on fire locations:

The Chimney Tops 2 Fire Facebook page says of the above map, “NOTE: This map shows the perimeter or the footprint of the fire. There is a LOT of area within the perimeter that has not burned. DO NOT ASSUME if your home or property is within the footprint that it has burned. Please wait to get accurate information when it is available.”

The page has posted other maps of the fire.

The site says: “Looking for information on active Tennessee Wildfires? This “partner” site has a wealth of information… Check it out! (Be sure to bookmark it. It changes each day, so you’ll want to check it often!)”

The below map plots burned businesses, using news reports as the guide.

See photos of people who are missing in the Gatlinburg fire:

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