Manny Gutierrez (Manny Mua): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A man has been chosen for the first time as a brand ambassador for Maybelline makeup.

His name is Manny Gutierrez, and, at just age 25, he’s already a major social media star, who repeatedly posts photos of himself with full, vivid makeup on Instagram and YouTube. He’s part of a growing trend of men wearing makeup and altering gender stereotypes, and his career online has exploded in just a few short years.

He calls himself a “beauty YouTuber.” He’s also been very open with fans about coming out as gay and his life growing up Mormon.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gutierrez Is Featured in a Maybelline Advertisement for Mascara

Maybelline is featuring Gutierrez in its campaign to launch Big Shot Mascara by Colossal. “Gutierrez will star alongside fellow beauty guru Shayla Mitchell (Makeup By Shayla),” Racked reported.

Racked reported that cosmetics companies showcasing male models wearing makeup is a new trend, citing James Charles for CoverGirl and Thomas Halbert for MAC, among others.

Gutierrez is one of a group of “wildly popular” men who wear makeup who have been nicknamed “beauty boys,” Elle Magazine reported.

On Instagram, Gutierrez said he was honored and wrote, “Thank you to Maybelline for taking a chance on me!”

2. Gutierrez Has Millions of Followers on Social Media

Even before the Maybelline brand ambassador publicity boost, Gutierrez had quite a following on social media.

He has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and almost 2.2 million YouTube subscribers. Net Worth reported that he didn’t even start his YouTube channel until 2014 and estimates his net worth at about $350,000.

Gutierrez, who goes by the name of Manny Mua on social media, has been dubbed a “beauty vlogger.”

Fans consider his YouTube videos “hilarious” and “informative.” His YouTube channel MannyMua733 “focuses on giving beauty tips to fashion enthusiasts,” according to

3. Manny Became Entranced With Makeup as a Child

Gutierrez told Teen Vogue he’s been fascinated with makeup since he was a child watching his mother put it on. His parents were young parents. He considers her his beauty icon.

“As a child, I would watch my mom get ready for work and just sit there for hours watching her transform. However, it wasn’t until much later on that I really started to dabble in makeup myself,” he told the magazine.

On YouTube, he said that he spent his childhood trying to make his parents happy by playing sports and getting straight As.

Now, he says, he feels he tried to be a perfectionist because deep down he knew something was different about himself. He said that he would prefer to play with girls at recess.

4. Gutierrez Left Medical School to Become a Makeup Artist

Switching from medical school to a career as a makeup artist at first caused Gutierrez some family problems, he told Teen Vogue.

He worked at Sephora and MAC counters in a mall. He started posting photos on Instagram and befriended another Internet star, Patrick Simondac, reported the magazine.

They met at a makeup convention, reported Refinery29, and refer to themselves, according to the site, as “everything from ‘brothers’ to ‘best friends’ to ‘married’ (in the work-wife sort of way).”

Gutierrez lives in San Diego, Refinery29 reported, quoting Gutierrez as saying, “I get hate every single day, saying I’m gay [and] going to hell, or that I don’t know what I’m doing or that I need help.” Gutierrez said wearing makeup makes him feel empowered, the site reported.

5. Gutierrez Was Raised in a Mormon Household That Outed Him as Gay in Church

Gutierrez grew up in California in a household of “liberal Mormons,” reported Marie Claire.

Gutierrez posted a lengthy video about coming out as gay on YouTube. “I am gay,” he said, and he realized he “liked boys” in the transition years from junior high to high school. You can watch it here:

The video has had more than 1 million views. In the video, he says, “I grew up in church. Went to church every Sunday…I did everything. I was a good Mormon boy.” He says he is the first born child, and he has two brothers.He was “terrified” when he realized he was gay, and he would pray to stop it.

His parents discovered he was gay when he was 17 and they found messages he had written to a boy, he says in the video. At first, they sent him to counseling to “try to reverse the effects of being gay.” After six months, he knew it wasn’t working, and he became depressed. His parents told him they wanted him to be happy and paused counseling. Β He kissed a boy for the first time when he went into college.

He added, according to Marie Claire, “I got straight As in school. I was the perfect child, except this one aspect of myself. It was very, very difficult at first, but we got through it and here I am, lashes and all.”



Kenny Man

This article is much ado about nothing since gays have been wearing makeup forever. As for courage to come out of the closet, it should takes a lot less now that society has a better understanding of what being gay is all about.

Most of America has accepted the fact that it is not something these boys have any control over since homosexuality is something they are born with.

I don’t understand the whole gay lifestyle, in all honesty I would feel uncomfortable if I saw two boys or two girls in a public display of affection, but I do understand that we all have the right to live our lives in peace without the threat of discrimination or intimidation so I will keep my thoughts to myself and tell my daughters to prepare for a longer line at the makeup counter at the mall.


Regardless of whether they’re born w/ it or not the end result is the same. God says it’s abomination to HIM. They just have more to sacrifice if they want to go to Heaven. If they don’t drop their own desires for what God wants then they have CHOSEN to go to Hell. Heaven and Hell are real places. Yes they do have the right to live peacefully but they don’t have the right to do contrary to Gods commands. Read the Bible.

Lillith Goby

Possibly but that is their problem not ours / yours. God created gays for his own purposes as did everything else IMO. Just look at how they through time, unencumbered by posterity and the nurturing of same have contributed in new discoveries, new knowledge.

Lillith Goby

IMO, the sin is not in being “different” but how you act or what you do about it. Whom you lift up and/or whom you lead astray. Best scenario is to avoid judgement or consigning people to hell based on own beliefs. Their is a range of behavior or “deviancy”/sin if you will , in and out of all sexual relationships? And I am not so sure that acts condemned in the Bible for unisex people are okay for heteros since now everyone has knowledge at least of them?

IMO the only judgement anyone needs worry about is by the final judge and he will be just. Our very thoughts and deeds and actions, heart and if we lived in a place where we were free to act or not will enter in? Care taken in our own self projection in judgement of others because the Bible also says if we fail in one, we fail in all –that ought to humble us?


Nah, we’re not living in a deviant welcoming society …nah, not at all.

When Bruce Jenner was given the “courage” award for tucking his package between his legs, stuffing his shirt with Kleenex, and slapping on some makeup, I knew our nation had turned a corner so tight, and so-far-back-on-itself, we could no longer see the normal we were leaving behind – moving us head-long into deviancy…the new normal.
Can a deviant welcoming society even determine what is courageous…? …It cannot.

Hey, you wanna be gay – go for it, who gives a hoot. You wanna be gay & DEMAND the world adores, admires, worships, loves, promotes, endorses you – that’s where I have a problem – that’s where everyone SHOULD have a problem. But, we’ve become so steeped in deviancy (since turning that corner), we are forced to look the other way – or be shamed by the deviant.

But, the question is this: Do we, as a society, look away because we are a temperate society who is accepting and gracious and loving – or do we look the other way from fear of public shaming, fear of labeling, fear of the new normal’s DEMANDING ways. I absolutely guarantee, it is the latter.
DEMAND I love you, and you have not gained love, but submission to your demand.

End note: I will no longer purchase Maybelline products, of which I have purchased for just over 45-years, and I will personally make a point to let them know that.
Opposing posts won’t tell me I have a right to feel the way I want, but instead… I guarantee, will brow-beat, threaten, and DEMAND I become more tolerant, more loving, more …deviant.

Lillith Goby

Tho I am for loving the sinners but not the sins (I usually fail as in all other things to some point) the demanding and the POWER is what makes us automatically angry. It is the legislated demand for respect when the left had drilled into us that you cannot legislate morality? If gay unions had been accepted and gone for before they could force gay marriage option the equality of marriage stuff would not be messing up all our future paperwork. Anyone can make a contract but not everyone can see political and therefore societal ramifications of no compromise positions. ???

betsy ross

With you all the way-I will not purchase Maybelline products either or any other cosmetic lines encouraging this ridiculous messed up deviant behavior being forced on us. Nor will I be shamed by them or forced to be tolerant of them. I avoid them at all costs. Hopefully in the future this too shall pass.


Lol, You’re a troll, and you’re not even that funny. Up your game girl.

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