Adam Purinton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Adam Purinton mug shot

Adam Purinton mug shot (Henry County Jail)

A man reportedly walked into a bar in Olathe, Kansas and opened fire after shouting racial slurs, killing at least one and injuring two the evening of February 22.

The suspect is 51-year-old Adam Purinton of Olathe. He allegedly opened fire and shot the three patrons at Austins Bar and Grill in Olathe. A motive is not yet known at this time, though witness accounts say he got into a confrontation with other customers after he said racial remarks.

Olathe Police said that the FBI will investigate the situation if it’s proven that the shooting was a result of a hate crime.

Of the three victims, one is dead, one remains in critical condition while one is listed as being “stable.”

Purinton is listed as booked in the Henry County Jail at 9:58 a.m. on February 23. He was reportedly charged with first-degree murder and remains at the jail on $100,000 bond.

Another report from NBC Action News 41, said that the Olathe Police Department and Johnson County DA charged Purinton with premeditated murder.

Police also said the the FBI

First reports to officials said that Purinton was wearing a black-and-white scarf over his head at the time of the shooting. Listen to the audio of the police scanner in Olathe below:

Police responded to initial reports of an active shooter at the bar and noted that the suspect had fled the scene into a neighborhood nearby. Responding units surrounded his home in Olathe, but came up empty. Purinton was apprehended in a Missouri bar hours later.

Here’s what you need to know about Purinton and the shooting:

1. Purinton Allegedly Said Racial Remarks Before Shooting

According to a report, multiple people on the scene said that the man, believed to be Purinton, was saying racial slurs inside the bar and was asked to leave. He reportedly came back with a gun.

A later report said that two of the three victims in the shooting were of Indian descent and Purinton was overheard making remarks about their race before he shot them.

Witnesses said that a confrontation started in the bar when Purinton made slurs and a man at the establishment “stood up to him.”

The Kansas City Star reported that two of the victims in the shooting are employees at the Aviation Systems Engineering department for Garmin, headquartered in Olath. Their names are Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani. Kuchibhotla is the fatal victim in the shooting and Madasani was injured.

The company released a statement February 23 that said:

We’re saddened that two Garmin associates were involved in last night’s incident, and we express our condolences to the family and friends of our co-workers involved. Garmin will have grievance counselors on-site and available for its associates today and tomorrow.

The man who allegedly “stood up” for the two men and remains injured as a result of the shooting is Ian Grillot. His sister, Maggie, set up a Go Fund Me page for to raise money for his injuries. In the description, she said her brother “thought all rounds were done and tried to go after the man.” But Purinton still had rounds left and shot Grillot.

Despite the reports online, a confirmed motive is unknown at this time.

2. Purinton Is Employed at a Kansas City Business

According to his LinkedIn Page, Purinton is a desktop support specialist for GEN3RATION, an information technology company in the Kansas City area.

GEN3RATION’s website says that the company employs about 50 people and works to “eliminate problem areas by providing full-service IT monitoring, proactive maintenance, and a help desk solution for your company.”

3. Witnesses & Scanner Traffic Indicated Purinton Is a Military Veteran

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Kansas City Star Managing Editor Greg Farmer reported that Purinton’s neighbors told him that he is a military veteran who suffers from PTSD. He added that neighbors believed he had just been diagnosed with a “serious illness.”

Chatter over the police scanner while Olathe Police pursued the suspect said that he drove a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the vehicle’s license-plate tags were veteran tags.

4. Purinton Was Apprehended At a Missouri Applebee’s

A manhunt was on for Purinton after reports said he fled the scene. Police closed in on a home in a nearby neighborhood believed to be Purintons, and SWAT teams and officers in camouflage gear were seen responding to the scene. However, it turned out that Purinton wasn’t there after all.

Instead, he was at an Applebee’s in Clinton, Missouri, about 82 miles southeast of Olathe, the Kansas City Star reported.

Assistant Clinton Police Chief Sonny Lynch said that a bartender at the restaurant called police after a man at the bar spoke about being involved in a shooting. The Kansas City Star reported that Purinton told the bartender that “he had killed two Middle Eastern Men.”

Police took Purinton into custody “without incident,” and he wasn’t armed when arrested.

The alleged suspect was reported as being seen running west near 151st Terrace and Scarborough Street.

5. Purinton Was Described As a ‘Disgruntled Customer’

Firsthand accounts from witnesses label Purinton as a “disgruntled customer” who entered Austins, a sports bar, during the Kansas Jayhawks’ victory against TCU February 22. The bar was filled with local college basketball fans taking in the game.

Witness accounts flooded social media, with one man writing on Twitter that his mother saw one of the victims being shot at a close distance.

NBC 41 Action News reported that the first shots were fired around 7:15 p.m. February 22 and was initially described as a “disgruntled customer.”

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Why would any one invest ina technology company in Kansas. Is that we’re all the low life’s live. Look at the guy. He looks like he is living off other people’s tax dollars


It is my observation a racist bigot was laughing at Adam and he just could not take it any longer.
I too have heard the racist bigotry coming out of the mouths of those who claim they love this country .
But they don’t love this country they’re here for the Free Ride ; sources say ,he couldn’t handle the Discrimination and racial insults. So sad


“Bill” the bigot, has no source because his claim is bull manure. ALL of the witnesses say the same thing – Adam Purinton was the instigator of the racial slurs and and nasty comments.
ALSO, please note, Ian Grillot (who is a white guy), was sitting nearby when Adam Purinton started with the racist comments. Ian stood up to Adam’s bullying of the East Indian men.
This is a quote from Ian Grillot (Ian was ALSO shot by Adam Purinton and is now in hospital recovering from the gun shot wounds he sustained): “I was just doing what anyone should have done,” Grillot told the newspaper. “It’s not about where he’s from, or ethnicity. We’re all humans.”
This story is heartbreaking but what good can be found in this horrible story is this: A decent 24 year old man (who happens to be white) stood up to a vicious, racist bully.
I, for one, am very proud of Ian’s actions. I wish both him and the other survivor, lok Madasani, a speedy recovery.


Don’t mind me guys — I’m just a tiny-dicked piece of shit that loves right-wig propaganda. I have a crappy life and suck dick for crack. I’d suck trump’s D if I could, cuz I’m a brainwashed, moronic tool that loves being a shameless obedient dog. That’s why I make no sense.


Yes, they were making the racial slurs against him. Sources say ; Adam couldn’t take the Discrimination any longer ,he was a good man that just couldn’t take the hatred any longer because he was white. So sad !


Why do you say it’s highly unlikely ?

You must be a Democrat and think that only white people can be a racist ; and that white people cannot be discriminated against . And that white people are the only ones that show hate, highly unlikely !


Why would these young engineers who were described as being friendly and non-confrontational start making racial slurs to some old white guy? Yes. white people can be the object of hatred, but there is no evidence that it happened in this case and no logical reason why these young professionals would do that.

Terrible-One (@TerribleOne247)

Only white privilege conservatives actually believe that white people can be the victims of “reverse racism” because that does not exist.
Go back to your safe white place snowglobe where you can trash on minorities from the safety of your keyboard.


@TerribleOne247 Nobody believes anybody can be the victim of “reverse racism”, because you SJWs made it up. White people can be victims of RACISM, like the handicapped dude who was tortured by a bunch of black criminal racists!
(Probably not in this case, though, that killer should be locked up for good).


It’s highly unlikely, dumbass, because they were engineers, not low-life dumbasses like yourself.


You serious? If so, you are severely misinformed about Indian people. They are among the most decent and well-behaved of any foreign nationals. Not once have I ever heard an Indian national use a racial slur, or say “white people”. You are clearly creating “alternative facts”, to minimize the the actual propensity of white, right wing men to violence.


I find it remarkably funny,that no other race in the world ; but ,whites are the racist and the bigots.
That is a mathematical improbability.


Adam is a perfect example ,of the hatred and the bigotry,coming from other races. Apparently he could not handle the hatred any longer, he did make a bad decision . So sad!

Jade Lara Abudia

But they sure own more guns than any other skin color. So assuming your absurd claim is true, that Indians were making racist remarks about a white guy, and he didn’t get their race right and shot and killed one of them. This is an appropriate, Jesus-like response? Hell, an appropriate, sane person response? If I’ve learned anything from Trump, it’s that you can say whatever you want without consequence. Can’t have it both ways.


I bet this guy has low iq. Has trouble relating to women. Has low self esteem. Unfortunately why should any one put up a tech company in Kansas. Is that we’re all the backward lazy uneducated, low iq people live

joseph morehead

You moron. DO you really believe that this demented white man was being discriminated against? He is a hateful white racist who should get the death penalty


Quiet, you lying sack of shit. Witnesses say that this man was the one yelling slurs. Disgusting how shameless and ugly some people like you are nowadays.


Don’t mind me guys — I’m just a tiny-dicked piece of shit that loves right-wig propaganda. I have a crappy life and suck dick for crack. That’s why I make no sense.


Basically, Purinton is the face of people like Bill: old, ugly, stupid, and dying off quickly. That’s why Bill feels the need to defend a racist murderer. Literally, we are looking at a situation where 20% of that nation’s population will defend actual racist murderers because they identify with them.

It’s a good thing we outnumber them vastly, but it’s going ot be a long slog until they all eventually die off. They know nobody wants them anymore, they know they are obsolete, and they are going absolutely insane. Literally. Protect yourselves and your neighbors, folks, and be prepared to stand up to them like our good Samaritan did in this instance. These people won;t win and they know it. let’s make it harder for them to do more damage on their way out.


You are talking about 2 Indian highly qualified Engineers. They are from the same town as I am and speak the language. We come to the US spend thousands of dollars to complete our education take up a job pay taxes . Show me incidents in the past 10 years an Indian was involved in a crime. You will probably find very few and these people coming from south India are even passive. Knowing the people where I come from there is a 0% chance that they would make racial slurs against a white man. Even for fun i have never heard my friends speak such a way and I have a lot of friends. So yeah please get a source and don’t change the topic and even if you consider the worst case scenario lets say these guys passed comments. Killing them doesn’t make him any less bad.

Freida Peeples

It’s The Bowling Green Massacre all over again. Three innocent white men shot by a muslim terrorist who entered our country illegally from Mexico.(SARCASM)


White trash always innocent they do no mistakes (Typical lire), black , Latinos, Muslims and Asian.only the bad ones, the guy who got killed was an engineer not a loser and never lived in a trailer home.

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