VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Forest Hills ‘Manhole’ Explosions in Queens

People reported hearing multiple explosions in Forest Hills, a neighborhood in Queens, New York.

ABC7 reported that the New York Fire Department was responding to a “manhole fire.” Photos posted on social media showed plumes of smoke rising from the sidewalk.

“The manhole fire occurred just before 11 p.m. Sunday,” reported ABC7, noting that people on social media had indicated they heard explosions in the area. There was no word yet on what might have caused the fire.

Forest Hills Patch reported that the Fire Department confirmed the incident was a manhole fire. “The fire happened at 102-30 Queens Blvd. around 10:45 p.m.” on February 19, the news site reported, adding that there was also a power outage in the area.

Some people posted videos from the scene.

On social media, many people expressed fear because they heard explosions and weren’t sure at first what was going on. More than one photo showed smoke coming from the manholes.

People were unclear what caused the explosions.

Many people reported hearing more than one explosion.

Some people said the explosions were strong enough that their building shook.

Here are some of the other social media responses:

People were running in Queens Boulevard.

This post will be updated as more is known about the incident.

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