New Orleans Tornado: Photos of the Storms & Damage in Louisiana



What some described as a “monster tornado” rolled through New Orleans, impacting residents and businesses. While officials still are seeking information about damage, photos and stories about the tornado are beginning to emerge. The tornado was recorded on radar late Tuesday morning and touched down in New Orleans East. Witnesses said some homes and businesses were affected, but officials have not yet released information about injuries.

The New Orleans Tornado Was Massive, But Other Cities Had Tornadoes Too

More than 8,700 people are without power in New Orleans East after the tornado touched down, is reporting. Energy will likely be restored by 2 p.m. Meanwhile, more than 10,300 Entergy customers lost power in Orleans Parsih, Plaquemines Parish, Jefferson Parish, and St. John the Baptist Parish.

It was later confirmed that there were three tornados in the Louisiana area, Breaking911 reported. One hit near East New Orleans, another in Killian, and another near Donaldsonville.

And here’s a video of the storm:


The Damage Was Devastating in Some Areas

In some areas, the damage was devastating. Some homes were destroyed.

Buildings were left in rubble:

Cars were overturned:

One resident said that he had never been so close to a tornado before. It sounded like a train coming down the street and it looked like a bomb had hit his neighborhood. These were his photos:

Here’s the tornado right over his house:

Angela Chalk, a community organizer, shared photos of damage at the Michoud Facility on Twitter. She said that relatives had reported collapsed walls and damaged cars:

Devastation on Chef:

A closeup photo of one gasoline station destroyed:

Damage at ReNEW Schaumburg:

New Orleans East is dealing with the aftermath of devastation in some areas:

And here is a photo near Prentiss and Chef Menteur:

Another photo of the damage:

Coach Tony Hull shared photos from his neighborhood on Twitter:

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