Riverside Plane Crash: Photos & Videos of California Tragedy

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A small plane carrying five people returning from a cheerleading competition crashed into a residential neighborhood in Riverside, California.

The plane was carrying an adult woman and her husband and three teenagers; two females survived, although one of the victims was listed in extremely critical condition. Video captured the moment the plane fell into the homes. Earlier reports had said four people died, but that was later changed by authorities to three. The Press-Enterprise reported that no one on the ground was injured, but two homes burned as the fire raged for hours.

The names of the victims were not yet released. A neighbor said the adult couple was going to their granddaughter’s cheerleading competition, according to ABC 7. One of the surviving victims lived because she was ejected from the plane, reported ABC 7. The girl, a cheerleader, miraculously only suffered minor injuries.

Just before 5 p.m. California time, the aircraft plunged into a series of homes causing two of them to burn to the ground. Dramatic photos and videos emerged from the scene on February 27. Most people weren’t home when the plane careened into the residential dwellings. The plane was coming from San Jose, California and headed to Disneyland, according to NBC Los Angeles, which said it broke apart upon crashing. People in the neighborhood described a loud boom that sounded like a bomb, the television station reported.

Twenty homes were evacuated as the fire burned three hours later:

Here ares some of the photos and videos from the scene of the plane crash:

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