Boulder Sunshine Fire: Videos from the Scene

Emergency responders are beginning to make some headway on containing a fire in Sunshine Canyon that loomed menacingly over the Boulder, Colorado horizon. The fire started around 2:30 a.m., from an unknown cause, and had covered 62 acres, spurring evacuations of 1,000 nearby homes and setting more than 4,000 other homes on a “pre-evacuation” notice. Early estimates put the fire at 106 acres, but the Boulder Office of Emergency Management later downsized the estimate to 62, stating that a mapping miscalculation caused the earlier, higher number. The fire is currently at 20 percent containment, at the time of publication. (See photos of the fire here.)

Below are more videos from the scene. At least eight aircraft have been sent to help battle the fire and keep it from moving south to downtown Boulder.

Scenes from the Fire

First, scenes from the fire:

A video from 8:24 a.m. at Settler’s Park:

Boulder with the Fire Looming over the Horizon

Here’s downtown Boulder, where you can see the smoke from the fire in the background:

Another video showing the fire looming in the background of Boulder, Colorado:

The winds picking up about three hours ago, with the smoke still visible:

A view from Pearl Street Mall:

And a view from Stearns towers:

Air Support for Fire Containment

Here’s a video of air support for the fire containment:

Here you can see a slurry bomb released in the background as children play:

And here, a Chinook helicopter carries water to fight the Boulder fire:

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Crowds gathered to watch the slurry drop: