What Gas Stations Are Open on Easter Sunday 2017?

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It’s Easter Sunday 2017 and you may be wondering what gas stations are open on the holiday, especially if you are traveling a far distance. Well, there is good news. Saving Advice reports that most gas stations are up and running on their regular Sunday hours. There may be exceptions to this when it comes to local businesses, so it’s important to check in.

Examples of gas stations that should be up and running include BP, Sunoco, Exxon, Sheetz, and Gulf Oil.

Movie theaters, various restaurants and grocery stores are open for the holiday as well. Convenience stores and drug stores should also be open unless specified in your local area.

Some businesses that will be closed on Easter include:

Stock Markets




Barnes and Noble

Movie Theaters

While post offices and Fedex will both be closed for the holiday, USPS is running.

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