WATCH: Video of Car Crashing Into Times Square Crowd

A horrific video captured the moment that a car crashed into a crowd of pedestrians in Times Square, injuring 23 people and killing a Michigan teenager.

You can watch the video below, but be aware that it is very disturbing.

Here’s a different vantage point:

According to TMZ, “Surveillance cameras caught the moment Richard Rojas plowed down more than 20 people in Times Square Thursday. You can see Rojas coming at full speed in the wrong direction before he literally mows down a huge crowd of civilians.”

The video is just one of a series of chilling videos and photos to emerge from the crash, which killed 18-year-old Alyssa Elsman of Michigan, who was in New York with her family. Other photos captured the suspect, identified as Richard Rojas, 26, of the Bronx, acting in a crazed manner and jumping in the street.

Another video shows the car flipping over:

Police and New York’s mayor said in a news conference that they don’t suspect terrorism in the incident, which unfolded around noon on May 18 in crowded Times Square. Rather, police are testing the suspect for drugs, and, according to ABC 7, they are considering whether he was under the influence of synthetic marijuana, or K2, at the time of the crash.

Media accounts differ on this point.

The suspect “tested positive for PCP and told police that God made him do it,” CNN reported, adding that he expected officers to shoot him. However, authorities have not confirmed that account.

Altogether, 23 people were injured, and several were reportedly in critical condition. Elsman’s teenager sister was among those injured.

Rojas was arrested at the scene, and authorities said he has a prior arrest history for DWI, but NBC New York reported that the suspect had registered zero in a test for alcohol after the crash.

According to TMZ, Rojas allegedly “admitted smoking marijuana before driving, and when he was captured he told cops he wanted them to shoot him.” Authorities have not confirmed that account. However, despite the fact that terrorists have used cars to ram into crowds as an attack method in Europe, authorities in New York have been insistent that they do not believe Rojas was motivated by terrorism.

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