Allison Cope: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

allison cope, alison cope

Facebook Allison Cope.

Allison Cope, a Starbucks worker at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, went on a break during the middle of her shift and never returned.

However, Cope has now been found safe in Virginia Beach and taken to an area hospital. She was in stable condition, and no further details were released.

The FBI was involved in the search for the missing North Carolina woman. Cope, 24, also worked as a photographer and was heavily involved in pit bull rescue efforts. Her friends and family say she would never have vanished on her own.

Her family hired a helicopter to look for her missing car.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cope Checked Out for Her Scheduled Break & Vanished

Allison Cope

Allison Cope.

Allison Cope left the airport Starbucks for her scheduled break at about 3 p.m. on Monday, June 26. Police know this because a badge swipe shows she clocked out for it, according to ABC 11.

Sarah Kosinski, Cope’s friend, told the television station that she texted Cope around 1:40 p.m. to ask Cope if Kosinski had left something in her car.

By 7 p.m. Monday, Cope was reported missing. “Kosinski said she got a call from another supervisor who works with Cope that her friend never returned after leaving for her break. Kosinski said she was told her friend walked out of the Starbucks and headed left,” ABC 11 reported.

WRAL reported that Cope was seen going down an escalator with keys in hand, and friends think she went to her car for a minute. However, police have now revealed that the missing woman was captured on surveillance video at a nearby gas station after leaving her shift.

She didn’t appear to be under any distress in the video, authorities said, compounding the mystery of why she’s disappeared for so long without any other sign.

2. Cope’s Car Left the Airport Parking Lot but It’s Not Clear Whether She Was Driving

allison cope

Allison Cope.

Cope’s ID badge was used to leave the parking lot about eight minutes after Cope left Starbucks for her break, according to WNCN-TV.

However, the television station reported that no surveillance cameras caught that moment, so it’s not clear whether Cope was driving the vehicle. Police have described the car as a silver 2015 Ford Fusion with North Carolina license plate number EHA 2771 and a Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue sticker.

According to WNCN, it’s not like Cope to not check in with her friends for so long. WRAL reported that “family members said Cope’s phone and bag were found at the airport, but her car keys and debit card were missing from her bag.”

3. Cope’s Debit Card Was Used at a Gas Station

allison cope

Allison Cope.

The FBI has joined Raleigh Police in the investigation.

WNCN reported that police searched Cope’s computer in her home. According to the television station, her debit card was used for $23 at a Shell gas station in Wake Forest after she disappeared.

Cope’s friend, Kosinski, is insistent that Cope would not have simply disappeared on her own in the middle of a shift. She worked with Cope helping rescue pit bulls.

“I know her better than the back of my hand,” Kosinski wrote on Facebook. “I know she did not leave her work in the middle of a shift without taking her phone. I know she would not leave the dogs. You all have supported us and her for ten years! She was loyal just like our pitties are. We know she is in need of help we know time is precious please please please share this post please help us find her. We hope she is safe and we hope she returns. We love her so dearly. Allison Cope where ever you are please know we are going to find you. We love you and we will not stop until you are found. Her loyalty to these dogs and all her rescue efforts and her friendship is unexplainable. Allison Cope would never just disappear and leave all her family and friends. we know this. My gut knows this.”

4. Cope Worked at the Airport Starbucks Near a Ticketing Counter

allison cope

Allison Cope.

Cope worked at the Starbucks near the ticketing counter at the airport, according to The News Observer.

Cope is described as white with blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds.

Friends described her personality as positive and caring. “She’s loving, caring, she’s always there for everyone,” Cope’s friend Justin Farrell told WRAL.

5. Cope Was Also Involved With Photography & Collected Vintage Suitcases

allison cope

Allison Cope.

On Facebook, Cope wrote that she worked at My Heart My Lens, studied at Riverside Community College, lived in Raleigh, North Carolina, and was from Corona, California. My Heart My Lens is “a photography business that specializes in Lifestyle Portrait Sessions and Weddings,” its website says.

In her profile for the business, Cope wrote: “When I am not behind the camera you can find me watching Friends, camping or kayaking. I love adventure. Sky diving anyone? I love peanut butter anything. Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Really who? You may find me at a local coffee shop. I enjoy exploring local vintage stores and collecting vintage suitcases. Broadway shows are a must my favorite to date would have to be The Lion King. I enjoy volunteering my free time helping shelter animals. I enjoy adventure and exploring. I can not wait to meet you and help you capture some memories!”

Cope’s last public Facebook post was on June 2 when she shared news about a pit bull rescue event. Her other posts were about friends, television shows, and bike riding.