PHOTOS: Murray State University Dorm Explosion

Twitter/@seejayiskool Murray State University dorm.

An explosion damaged a college dorm at Murray State University in Kentucky.

The university confirmed the blast on Twitter. “There was an explosion at Richmond Hall. Emergency Personnel are on the scene. Stay out of the area,” the small college in southwestern Kentucky wrote on Twitter on June 28.

One student posted before and after photos of Richmond Hall, where the blast occurred.

WKMS-TV reported that the explosion is believed to have been caused by a gas leak and one person was injured and taken to the hospital.

However, one official said the cause of the blast had not been officially determined.

That person’s identity and the nature of the injuries were not yet released. However, WPSD-TV reported that the person with injuries was listed in stable condition at the hospital.

The injured person’s identity was later released:

According to the television station, the blast was felt on and off campus.

Photos of the blast circulated on social media. The photos showed one outside wall of the dorm partially obliterated, with debris lying outside on the ground near the building.

The four-floor dormitory has about 268 residents, according to Fox News.

According to WKMS-TV, the force of the explosion was heard miles away from the university.

A Governor’s Scholars Program was being held at the university, but the program tweeted that all of its participants were safe.

An emergency management official confirmed that there was a gas leak at the dorm. Calloway County Emergency Management Director Bill Call also confirmed that there had been an explosion, reported WKYT-TV.

Murray State is a public university that is located in Murray, Kentucky. The university posted an alert about the explosion at the top of its website.

WLWT-TV reported that no students were at the building when the explosion occurred, likely because it’s summer and not during the regular school year. It’s not clear what connection the person injured has to the university or why they were in the building.