WATCH: Woman Receives Teddy Bear With Deceased Husband’s Laugh

A woman at a Texas Roadhouse was in for a surprise when her children gifted her a teddy bear with the laugh of her deceased husband, who recently died of cancer. According to the sharer of the video, Redditor GuacamoleFanatic, the couple had been married 32 years before cancer took the husband away.

In the video, the woman is seen opening a box from a Build-A-Bear Workshop while children watch. As she opens the box, a teddy bear dressed a cowboy is revealed.

Someone tells her to squeeze the bear. When she does, she brings it closer to her ear to hear. As she realizes the bear has her deceased husband’s laugh, she buries her face in the stuffed animal.

Redditors who also watched the video were equally struck by its emotional power.

characterlimitis20 commented on it:

I hate seeing things like this for what it reminds me of. My best friend killed himself quite some time ago, and one day a couple of years back I was looking through an old phone for pictures, and saw I had downloaded a couple nondescript voicemails. First one I played was him, “Hey, man! Hate I missed yu again. Call me back so we can hang.”
Hadn’t heard his voice since he died. There’s nothing so overwhelming like involuntarily sobbing when your mind gave it no permission to.

The video has been watched nearly 15,000 times so far.