WATCH: Houston Truck Driver Rescued During Floods

Houston Nursing Home


A truck driver was rescued during the Houston flooding from Hurricane (now tropical storm) Harvey, underscoring the dangerous situation unfolding in Texas.

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

According to The Daily Beast, a KHOU-TV reporter had spotted the trapped man and alerted a sheriff’s rescue unit that then saved him.

“KHOU reporter Brandi Smith was broadcasting live from north Houston’s beltway when she saw a tractor-trailer surrounded by water, its cab filling up with water with the driver still inside,” Daily Beast reported.

Social media was awash with terrifying photos of rising flood waters throughout Houston on August 27. People pleaded for help on social media and took to rooftops seeking rescue.

The Houston flooding was so bad that another man was videotaped catching fish in his living room. Here’s one of those videos:

A photo showed people trapped in a nursing home.

The flooding in Houston was described as “catastrophic.”

Thousands of people were trapped inside flooded homes, reported KHOU-TV on August 27, and the Coast Guard was conducting search and rescue efforts throughout the city. Authorities were also soliciting help from anyone with an available boat.

Cars were completely submerged.

“Five MH-65 Dolphins Helicopters are conducting rescues in the area,” reported KHOU-TV.

There were thousands of people in perilous situations throughout the City of Houston.

“More than 1,000 people were rescued overnight Sunday, with more than 2,000 calls to 911 for rescues pouring in,” reported FOX News on Sunday, quoting Houston’s mayor.

“This storm will not break our spirit. We are in this together and we will rebuild even greater together after #HurricaneHarvey,” Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted.

Here’s the mid Sunday morning radar for Houston:

Houston radar on Sunday August 27.

“Do you have a HIGH WATER VEHICLE or BOAT and helping rescue in your community? Call us to coordinate: 713-881-3100. Ask for Fire Marshal,” Harris County Emergency Management wrote on Twitter on August 27.

Harris County Emergency Management wrote around noon on August 27: “All 22 of our watersheds are over banks. This is record flooding. Please continue to shelter in place if possible. #harvey”

Houston authorities reported that their 911 call centers were overwhelmed. Local authorities held a news conference to update the public on the catastrophe.

“If water is approaching the outlets of your home, w/o standing in the water, immediately turn off the electricity from the main breaker,” the City of Houston is advising residents.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department suggested on Twitter, “Non-life-threatening water inside home is safer than going outside. Difficult & scary, but we’ll get to you. Pls shelter in place. Be safe.”

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