Minnehaha Academy Explosion at School: See Photos & Videos

minnehaha academy explosion scene

Twitter Minnehaha Academy explosion scene.

There was a gas leak and explosion at the Minnehaha Academy in Minnesota, leaving two dead and nine injured, and dramatic photos and videos emerged on social media of the aftermath. Five were injured in the blast.

Ruth Berg, a business office assistant with the school, and John Carlson, a beloved janitor, were killed. “She was supposed to have been married in October,” CBS Local reported. Three of the injured were in critical condition. No children were hurt. There is a GoFundMe site established to help both victims’ families.

Local television stations broadcast live video from the scene:

KVUE-TV reported that rescuers were searching for the three missing people in the rubble. They found one person unharmed, and two more remained missing.

There were ongoing fire suppression efforts at the school.

KVUE reported that there was initially a report that one person had died, but this had not been confirmed by authorities and remained unclear. The television station reported that three other people were rescued from a roof of the school, and that a severed gas line was the cause of the explosion.

The school confirmed the explosion and said that emergency responders were at the scene. Details were scant as the incident had just occurred.

Observers at the scene labeled it “scary” on social media.

“Rescues are underway for victims after a building exploded and collapsed at Minnehaha Academy,” reported KVUE.

Photos showed the devastation in part of the school building.

Minnesota’s governor, Mark Dayton, released a statement that said, “My office is in continuous contact with the City of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, as emergency personnel respond to this emergency. The State will provide any and all resources necessary to aid first responders in their efforts to ensure the safety of all those impacted by this morning’s explosion. I thank the many firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement officers who rushed to the scene this morning, and who are working still to ensure the safety of our children, adults, friends and neighbors.”

Reporters at the scene said that part of the school building had collapsed.

Police released information for family members seeking news of their children and loved ones.

Those at the scene said the explosion was “massive.”

Minnehaha Academy is a Christian School located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “In 1884, Rev. Erik August Skogsbergh had a vision for education that inspired Minnehaha Academy. He believed in the importance of quality education with Christian faith as its center.

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