When Is Texas’ Tax Free Weekend in 2017?

Texas Tax Free Weekend

Getty Texas Tax Free Weekend

Texas has a tendency to enjoy doing things a little differently, and tax-free weekend is no exception. For many years prior to 2017, Texas held its tax free weekend right along with many other states, during the first weekend of August. But this year, things are different.

This year, Texas’ tax free weekend is taking place one weekend later than normal on August 11-13, 2017. 

So if you were excited and thinking you could take advantage of tax free weekend in Texas now, you’re going to have to wait one weekend longer.

Once tax free weekend arrives, you’ll be able to save sales tax on qualifying items that are priced at $100 or less apiece. This includes most clothing, shoes, backpacks, and other school supplies. More specifically:

  • Clothing, including dresses, jeans, pajamas, jogging apparel, shirts, shorts, jackets, sweaters, coats, gloves, etc.
  • Baby clothes and diapers
  • Socks, undergarments, hosiery
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Backpacks for elementary and secondary students (not luggage, briefcases, computer bags, purses, or gym bags)
  • School supplies for use in an elementary or secondary school

Remember, any item that costs more than $100 is not tax free. You can’t buy a $110 pair of jeans and expect to only pay taxes on the $10 over $100, for example. You’ll be taxed on the entire $100.

Also, some items designed specifically for sports aren’t included. For example, golf cleats or football pads aren’t tax exempt. Swimsuits and jogging suits, however, are tax exempt.

You can use a layaway plan in Texas to buy tax-free items, as long as it’s put on layaway during the holiday.

Some states add computer software and computer supplies to the tax exempt list, but Texas isn’t doing that this year.