LIVE STREAM: Watch Perseid Meteor Shower 2017 Online

Perseid meteor shower 2017 – LIVE observing sessionSee the August shooting stars, part of the Perseid meteor shower, live, thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project. Featuring Gianluca Masi, astrophysicist2017-08-13T02:47:34.000Z

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most beautiful, prolific meteor showers of the year, where you might see 50 to 60 meteors an hour, possibly up to even 150 an hour. Unfortunately, the moon might pose a problem for viewing the shower this year, since it will be three-quarters full both nights. So you may want to see how experienced astronomers are doing at viewing this beautiful shower, by watching some live streams of the event.

You can watch a live stream above, provided by the Virtual Telescope Project. It features a live stream from Italian astrophysicist Gianluca Masi. It will begin Saturday, August 12 at 4 p.m. Eastern/3 p.m. Central.

If you miss the afternoon live stream above, you can also watch a live stream tonight from Slooh below.

Slooh will feature a live stream starting at 8 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, August 12. You can watch Slooh’s live stream below:

VideoVideo related to live stream: watch perseid meteor shower 2017 online2017-08-11T23:00:16-04:00

While you’re waiting for the live stream to begin, check out last year’s Perseid meteor shower, from

Perseid Meteor Shower 2016Join Slooh for the 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower.2017-08-03T19:59:30.000Z