Ana Estevez’s Son Piqui Murdered by Father Aramazd Andressian Sr.

On today’s episode of Dr. Phil, Ana Estevez talks about her young son Piqui, who was murdered by his father Aramazd Andressian Sr. In late August 2017, Andressian was sentenced to 25 years to life in the murder of his 5-year-old son, as reported by KTLA5. Andressian is reported to have initially denied any involvement in his son’s disappearance, which occurred after a trip to Disneyland in April 2017. He is also reported to have tried to commit suicide. Then, on August 1, 2017, Andressian admitted to killing his son and changed his non-guilty plea to guilty.

In court, Ana Estevez called her estranged husband a failure and said:

I hope you relive the image of you murdering my baby every day for the rest of your insignificant life.

Andressian declined to respond to Estevez’s comments.

On June 30, 2017, young Piqui’s body was found after his father, Andressian, led police to a Lake Cachuma area in Santa Barbara County. Ana Estevez recalled in court:

June 30th was the most tragic, earth-shattering day of my life. That was the day two detectives came knocking on my door late at night to inform me that my son’s lifeless body was found in a wooded area on some random hillside.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Louie Aguilera said Piqui was smothered to death with a child’s jacket and that his father had plotted his death for months. Aguilera also said that his plan was to have fingers point at his wife, mom Estevez.

Once Andressian received his sentence, Ana Estevez made the following statements to the press outside the court house:

He is a monster because he murdered his own child and has yet to show an ounce of remorse … Was justice served? In my eyes and in my heart, when there is accountability for all, then justice will be served. There will be justice for Piqui and justice for hundreds of other helpless children who have become victims of the broken system.

Piqui was first declared as missing when his father failed to show up for a scheduled custody exchange, according to KTLA. And, according to the family’s GoFundMe page, Ana Estevez was paying her estranged husband spousal support of $2,000 per month at the time of her son’s disappearance. A goal of $25,000 was set for the GoFundMe fundraiser and the goal has been reached. The campaign was created on behalf of the Estevez family.

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