Columbus Day 2017: Is CVS Open?

Columbus Day is here, and many people want to know if CVS is open. For those of you needing to grab a snack or last-minute groceries, there’s good news. Most CVS retailers will be open on Columbus Day, October 9.

It’s important to know that although most CVS stores will be open, hours can vary from store to store, especially on observed holidays, like Columbus Day. You should check your local store’s hours to ensure the CVS near you is open by clicking here.

CVS is the largest pharmacy in the world, and offers a complete line of pharmaceutical care and products to its customers. The company’s average hours are from 7am until 11pm Monday through Friday; many operate 24/7, as well.

When it comes to Columbus Day, which is a state and federal holiday, it’s hard to say what will be open closed, as well as who has work and who doesn’t. Mail is not delivered on Columbus Day, though UPS and FedEx will be making deliveries throughout the day. USPS packages won’t be delivered as all federal offices are closed.

Columbus Day is not celebrated in California, Alaska, Nevada, or Hawaii. Instead, these states celebrate in alternative ways. Hawaii observes Discoverer’s Day, while Vermont observes Indigenous Peoples Day. South Dakota, lastly, commemorates America’s discovery with Native American Day.

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