World Kindness Day 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day falls on November 13 this year. The day is celebrated as World Kindness Day worldwide and Kindness Day in the UK. The day strives to bind people and bridge the divides between race, religion, politics, gender, money and zip codes.

World Kindness Day is observed in many countries including Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigera, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. In Australia, World Kindness Day is placed on the federal NSW school calendar.

Schools across the world participate in World Kindness Day in one way or another, with many schools offering lessons in kindness and hosting events to celebrate.

Here’s what you need to know about World Kindness Day

1. Kindness UK Hands Out Free Chocolate Bars to Celebrate World Kindness

Since the day is made to celebrate kindness in any form, it isn’t a surprise that national organizations promote the day by giving out free treats. In the past, national organizations in the UK, Singapore and Scotland have arranged nationwide events.

In 2013, World Kindness Australia arranged an enormous “Kindness Hug” on Bondi Beach. To celebrate World Kindness Day, the organization hosted what they called the BIG HUG at 9:30 a.m. on a public beach. Admission was free, and they encouraged people to attend.

Other events hosted for the day have been a kindness text wave that swept through the U.K., a Kindness Awards Ceremony hosted by the Italian Kindness Movement and Kindness Scotland put on “Kind Kid Awards.”

2. myFace is Sponsoring a Movement Against Bullying

myFace is a foundation for facial reconstrunction that hopes to help children with facial deformities. The non-profit was founded to address the struggles of those with facial deformities by getting them access to the team at their center for plastic surgery, which provides specialized care to those who request it.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 children in the U.S. experience bullying at school on a regular basis, and myFace is sponsoring a movement against bullying to combat that fact.

While the pledge can be taken any day and any time online, the myFace movement is hoping people will sign up to be a myFace Upstander on World Kindness Day.

3. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation Offers Lesson Plans for the Day

The Random Acts of Kindness foundation offers lesson plans for educators that teach grades K-8 for free on their website. The website also touts information on how to start a kindness club in your school.

In order to spread the idea of World Kindness Day further, the foundation offers other tools for educators to download as well. Tools like kindness posters, building trust in the classroom, problem solving strategies and tools to help resolve conflicts are available to download.

There are also games to download on the site including grab and go games, a book list for the day and kindness Bingo.

4. The Day Was First Celebrated in 1998

World Kindness Day was first introduced by the World Kindness Movement in 1998. The World Kindness Movement is a coalition of national kindness non-governmental organizations. Members of the organization are from multiple countries.

The conglomeration of kindness organizations that organized the unofficial holiday wanted to encourage people to be kind to each other. They hoped that creating the day would help people spread happiness, joy and peace through kindness.

Kindness is the act of being considerate, compassionate and empathetic toward other people and living beings. Now, the organizations celebrate by handing out free chocolate bars, organizing big hugs and spreading kindness through text messages.

5. The World Kindness Movement Offers Cards For Download

The World Kindness Movement has been around since before World Kindness Day began, and it joins over 30 countries in Kindness. The World Kindness Australia movement is creating a “journey of kindness” through the delivery and receipt of kindness cards. The kindness card movement started recently. The website goes into some detail of how it works:

It costs nothing to be kind. Give a kindness card to someone and tell us why. The Kindness Card will collect a diary of its journey collecting miles and smiles.

The kindness card is an initiative of World Kindness Australia that is enabling people to raise funds for their chosen charities. Once a card is registered, people can track their cards online and see where they’ve been. You simply register an act of kindness online and then give your card to the person that performed that act.

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