Alexander Tilghman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Alexander Tilghman, 28, is suspect of shooting into Louie’s Grill & Bar in Oklahoma City on Thursday night and injuring multiple people, Oklahoma Police officials announced today.  But he was stopped when two armed citizens confronted him, shooting and killing him before he could hurt more people, officials said. He left a series of YouTube videos where he talked about demons attacking him, and his family said they tried to get him help. Here is what we know so far about Alex Tilghman. This is a developing story.

1. Alexander Tilghman Was Wearing Eye Protection & Ear Muffs When He Shot Into the Restaurant from Outside the Front Door

Tilghman came to the restaurant prepared for the shooting, said Oklahoma City Police Captain Bo Mathews during a press conference. He was wearing ear and eye protection that a person would use at a shooting range. He never actually entered the restaurant, but shot from just outside the front door. He was armed with a handgun, but officials have not said exactly what type.

The shooting happened just before 6:30 p.m. at Louie’s on the Lake at Lake Hefner, KFOR reported. Four people were injured. Natalie Will and her daughter, Syniah Giles, 12, were shot as they walked in front of the restaurant. Natalie was grazed by a bullet and didn’t need surgery, but Syniah was shot near the tailbone and required surgery that lasted a couple hours. Another man injured his arm when he tried to run. Alex Speegle was also shot and will have surgery sometime today, her aunt said. Her collarbone was shattered and she was also shot in the right arm. She’ll need metal plats and may suffer nerve damage to her right hand.

Bryan Whittle and Juan Carlos Nazario shot and killed Tilghman just outside the restaurant. They both had guns in the trunks of their vehicles, and they were able to retrieve their weapons and stop Tilghman, police said. Many have hailed them as heroes. “They stopped an incident that was very bad, and we had no idea what he was going to do after,” Mathews said during a press conference. “It could have really been bad…We’re very blessed that only three people were shot and didn’t lose their lives.”

2. Tilghman Was Arrested When He Was 13 for Domestic Assault & Battery, But Had No Records Since

Tilghman didn’t have an extensive police record. In fact, his last contact with the police was in 2003. Mathews said that at that time, he had been arrested at the age of 13 for a domestic assault and battery. But there were no records in their system of any additional reports about Tilghman after that, officials said.

Fox 25 reported that Tilghman had advertised his social media pages around town with bumper stickers and posters, including a poster that read: “Demons in Cloned Transsexual Bodies.” He felt that he was one of the few “real” people in the world. You can see some of his videos in the fourth section.

3. The Event Appeared Random & It Did Not Look Like Tilghman Had Targeted Anyone, Officials Said

Officials also haven’t been able to determine a motive. Mathews said that Tilghman did not work at the restaurant and it didn’t appear that he knew anyone inside, although they are still investigating that.

“It doesn’t look like he knew anyone,” Mathews said. “He was shooting from outside the front door, when he shot into the restaurant, and it appeared to be a random event.”

4. Tilghman Left Numerous Videos on YouTube About Demons Attacking Him & Satan Taking Over His Computer

Tilghman had a YouTube channel called “Yahweh Rules2” that he started posting videos to just four weeks ago. He asked people to contact him in the video above because his life was in danger. He said there was tapping in his house and it was getting into his head. “I even have my refrigerator attacking me,” he said. “The devil is…making things louder as well.”

His videos included titles like “I’m a real human,” “How humans are born and replaced,” “Hand signs that demons and fallen angels use,” “Satan taking over my computer,” and “Demon birds at Walmart.” (Note: some of the videos below have profanity.)

He thought Satan had taken over his computer.

Tilghman talked about fake people who were controlled by Satan. “I believe that… This sounds crazy but… The people you see out on the streets and stuff… They’re not really there. They’re just generated when you’re there to fool you… I’m constantly harassed by ambulances… With a snap of the finger the devil can spoof people. Of course, he’s not going to do it in front of you.”

He posted another video about people who weren’t real and only nice because God made them be nice.  He said they would love to rape you or skin you alive. “Tehy act human but trust me, their true selves are nothing like they act like. They’re basically kind of like zombies.”

He said that because he had seen their true nature, they looked at him with pure hatred.

Tilghman’s Brother Said Alex Needed Serious Mental Help That He Wasn’t Able To Get

Tilghman was 28 and living on his own, although he did have family in the area. His family told reporters that Tilghman had serious mental health issues and they tried to get him help.

Zach Rael of KOCO  spoke with a man who identified himself as Tilghman’s brother. You can watch their discussion in the video above. He said he was shocked and it didn’t seem like something his brother would do. He added: “The Second Amendment has nothing to do with this. The Second Amendment actually saved a lot of lives today. … Being TFL, truly forced to be lonely causes these tragedies… Nobody talks with each other anymore…”

He said that he was one of the few people that reached out to Tilghman. He said that Tilghman’s family and friends all felt that he needed mental help, but they couldn’t get the intervention that he needed. He never thought his brother was capable of this, but he did believe his brother was suicidal.