Trudeau’s Eyebrows: Are They Fake? See Memes & Photos

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What gives with Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows? That’s what some critics on the Internet want to know, as photos and videos showing Trudeau’s seemingly half-detached eyebrow sparked talk that the Canadian prime minister’s brows might be… fake. You can see the “evidence” below. However, others say it was just a trick of light and the rumor is the only thing that’s false.

Daily Caller pointed out that Trudeau appeared like one of his eyebrows was slipping out of place as he spoke to reporters after the G7 summit. The summit sparked a serious debate on trade as President Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau shared strong words, of course. However, a sub debate – and a far less serious one – developed over the PM’s somewhat bushy brows. Are they fake? Judge for yourself from the video and photographic evidence below.

However, Buzzfeed News reports that the conspiracy theory about Trudeau’s eyebrows is itself false. According to Buzzfeed, what appears in video to be a detached eyebrow is really just bad lighting. “It shows that bad lighting was the culprit, giving Trudeau’s left brow a weird shadow and making it appear as though it was separating from his face,” Buzzfeed insists, labeling the fake eyebrow theory a “bizarre rumor.”

That didn’t stop the half-missing eyebrow from sparking memes and jokes on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

People Suspected That Trudeau’s Eyebrow ‘Detached’ But Photos Show His Eyebrows Just Grow That Way

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Trudeau’s eyebrow mishap sent Twitter into overdrive. “Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow detached after meeting Trump — so what? These days, who doesn’t wear fake eyebrows?” wrote one man on Twitter. “I don’t like spreading fake news so I wanted to check the source material. It checks out. Look at 27:25 here on CPAC. The only thing that’s fake may be the eyebrows. #EyebrowGate,” wrote another.

Here’s another view:

It’s the eyebrow on his left, and your right, if you’re look at the above video, by the way.

A Twitter page popped up called Trudeau’s eyebrows.

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Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Here’s another view:

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However, some people analyzed the structure of Trudeau’s eyebrows to opine that they aren’t false at all.

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And Buzzfeed says that photos and videos from the full news conference show that Trudeau’s eyebrow was, in fact, intact. “I can’t believe this has to be said, but Justin Trudeau obviously didn’t have a ‘fake eyebrow’ falling off during his press conference with Emmanuel Macron,” a Buzzfeed journalist wrote on Twitter. “It’s a trick of the light. When looking down, the shadow makes his left brow look weird. When looking up, it looks normal.”

Again, judge for yourself:

The power of lighting.

Trudeau’s Eyebrows Normally


United Nations Secretary general Antonio Guterres (L) meets Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meet at the G7 Outreach Official Welcome on day two of the G7 Summit on June 9, 2018 in Quebec City, Canada.

To appreciate what people are saying about Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows, you have to look at photos of Trudeau before the G7 press conference. See above for a picture of his eyebrows looking… normal.

Memes, Jokes & Gifs

Justin Trudeau with fake eyebrows? Too hilarious of a concept for the meme and GIF makers to ignore, whether it’s true or not.

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