Mississippi Tax Free Weekend 2018: Dates, Time & What Qualifies


Mississippi’s tax free weekend is going on right now. It kicked off at 12:01 a.m. Friday and ends at 11:59 p.m. Saturday. Yes, the tax free deal does not include Sunday, so shoppers will want to get out Friday and Saturday to take advantage of it.

Many students in Mississippi also head back to school on August 7, so this weekend is a good opportunity to get them outfitted at a discount. However, school supplies and computers are not tax free this weekend in Mississippi.

The Following Items Are Exempt from Taxes in Mississippi Friday and Saturday

An important caveat to remember is that the tax-free deal on clothing and footwear only applies to eligible items priced below $100 per item. Rentals of clothing do not apply. Shipping and handling charges are not to be included as part of the sales price of eligible items in determining whether items meet the $100 threshold.

According to the Mississippi Department of Revenue, items include:

• Baby Clothes
• Belts
• Boots and other shoes
• Bow ties
• Bras
• Children’s novelty costumes
• Employee uniforms
• Fishing Vests
• Jerseys
• Golf Jackets and windbreakers
• Hats
• Hooded shirts and sweatshirts
• Hosiery
• Jeans and other pants
• Leotards and Tights
• Neckwear and Ties
• Nightgowns and nightshirts
• Raincoats and ponchos
• Robes
• Skirts
• Slippers
• Socks
• Suits

See a full list of what’s exempt from taxes here.

Items Not Included in the Tax Free Deal in Mississippi

Items that you will still need to pay taxes on include:

• Jewelry
• Computers
• Handbags
• Wallets
• Watches
• Briefcases
• Skis
• Swim fins
• Roller blades
• Skates