Ashley Fargo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ashley Fargo arrested in Vegas

mugshot Ashley Fargo arrested in Vegas

Broadcom co-founder Henry T. Nicholas III was arrested in Las Vegas on Tuesday after security at Encore hotel claimed they found contraband in his room and police confirmed.

When Nicholas couldn’t get into his suite, he asked hotel security for assistance. They unlocked Nicholas’ door for him and found a woman unconscious and cases of what looked to be contraband.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police were called. When they arrived, they discovered heroin, cocaine, meth and ecstasy in Nicholas’ possession and suspected he was involved in narcotics trafficking.

The unconscious woman, identified as Ashley Fargo, was revived by paramedics and taken into custody along with Nicholas.

According to Officer Larry Hadfield, the two have since been released.

Here’s what you need to know about Ashley Fargo:

1. Ashley is The Ex-Wife of Wells Fargo Heir, Brian Fargo

Brian Fargo is a descendant of the family who created Wells Fargo and American Express. Brian is a video game designer who founded Interplay Entertainment, inXile Entertainment and Robot Cache.

It is unknown when exactly Brian married Ashley, but in 2016, they split. The speculation was that she was unfaithful.

There is little information available that would provide insight into the details of Ashley and Brian’s marriage, but we do know that she kept his name.

2. When Police Got to The Room, Ashley Was Unconscious “With a Semi-Deflated Balloon in Her Mouth”

TMZ reported that the paramedics were called to revive Fargo after she was found unresponsive in Nicholas’ room with a semi-deflated balloon in her mouth.

Encore hotel security questioned Nicholas on the substance in the balloon. He claimed it was nitrous oxide, a gas that produces “exhilaration or anesthesia when inhaled.”

Hotel security told the Las Vegas Metropolitan police that they found two cases that looked like they contained weapons. When police opened the cases, they found marijuana and narcotics instead of weapons.

3. Fargo and Nicholas Were Arrested And Booked For Suspected Drug Trafficking

Heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy and pills with Winnie the Pooh stamped on them were found in the couples’ possession. It’s unclear what Ashley’s relationship is with Nicholas, but she’s rumored to be dating him.

This wasn’t the first time Nicholas has faced felony charges. In 2008, a federal grand jury indicted him on fraud charges, also for “supplying customers with prostitutes and drugs and slipping ecstacy into the drinks of unwitting technology executives,” reported Tech Crunch.

All those charges were dismissed.

It’s unclear how he and Ashley met or how she ended up in Vegas with the billionaire.

4. On Saturday, August 4th, Fargo Posted a Photo to Her Instagram Page Saying She’d Taken a Trip to Vegas With Her Girls

“Girls night out in Vegas!” Fargo said on her Instagram page this past weekend August 3rd and 4th. (That photo has since been deleted.)

In the photo, she and her girls had checked into the Encore Beach Club, which happened to be the hotel Nicholas was staying at. It’s unclear whether Fargo and Nicholas had plans with each other that weekend or just happened to meet up.

Fargo gave a birthday shoutout to one of her closest friends, who she took multiple pictures with in Vegas. It appears her time in Vegas was centered around celebrating that friend’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday Obagi… only the beginning. 💙💖💙💖 such a fabulous fun time with this beauty…. she’s the best!” Fargo wrote in a photo from their hotel.

Fargo posted four other photos with her girlfriends over the weekend. They have all been deleted since her arrest.

5. It Seems That Fargo And Nicholas Have Known Each Other For About a Year

In October 2017, Ashley posted a picture cozied up to Henry Nicholas III. In the caption, she wishes him a happy birthday.

Based on Fargo’s social media accounts, the two seem to have frequented Vegas together for about a year. For the most part, their relationship has been kept under wraps. There is little to learn of how they met, how serious their relationship is and whether or not Ashley knew of any of Nicholas’ previous charges. Police haven’t released any of those details.

Fargo has three children, none with her ex-husband Brian Fargo or with Henry Nicholas III. It’s unclear what Fargo does for a living, but it’s clear she receives product and endorsements from companies seeking to use her influence to market to her followers.