A Tea House for Sarah Jessica Parker: Cuomo to Nixon

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Getty Cynthia Nixon announced she will be challenging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a Democratic primary.

One of the oddest comments during the first and only debate between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and former Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon came when Cuomo accused Nixon of asking for a favor in the form of a tea house for Sarah Jessica Parker.

Parker was Nixon’s co-star on the hit television show that earned Nixon her own measure of fame as Miranda to Parker’s Carrie character. The exchange led some people on Twitter to wonder what the heck Cuomo was talking about. You can watch video of the tea house comment here:

What was Cuomo talking about? Jillian Jorgensen, City Hall bureau chief for the New York Daily News, explained in a tweet: “The Sarah Jessica Parker tea house thing is that SJP emailed Nixon with a complaint from the owner of tea shop Tea & Sympathy, which Nixon emailed on to the mayor’s team.”

Specifically, Cuomo said,”A tea house for Sarah Jessica Parker, that wasn’t a favor?” Nixon: “I don’t even know what you’re referring to.” Cuomo: “Well, you should read the newspapers.” Nixon: “Alright.” The debate took place at Hofstra University on August 29, 2018.

The debate had already taken an unusual turn before it started when an aide for Nixon alleged that cold temperatures in the debate room would be sexist. Cuomo is said to like cold rooms, although he claimed he didn’t ask for a specific temperature to be set, whereas Nixon’s side wanted the room set at 76 degrees.

The tea house moment wasn’t the only interesting exchange during the debate, which is expected to be the only such encounter between the two Democrats. It also included these exchanges: “Can you stop interrupting?” Cuomo said to Nixon.

“Can you stop lying?” Nixon said to Cuomo. She tried to paint him as a political insider, and he tried to paint her as someone too inexperienced to be governor.

But it was the tea house comment that got a lot of the social media buzz.

Twitter erupted with comments on the supposed Sarah Jessica Parker tea house. Some people were just baffled. “They’re talking about Sarah Jessica Parker’s teahouse idk what’s going on,” wrote one man.

“I need to know more about Sarah Jessica Parker’s teahouse. What is a teahouse. How does one acquire and do with it? #nygovdebate,” wrote another. “I don’t know or care if it’s true, but I totally want to go to Sarah Jessicas Parker’s tea house,” wrote one woman.

The GIFs, memes, and jokes on Sarah Jessica Parker’s teahouse flew:

“I did not have ‘a tea house for Sarah Jessica Parker’ on my gubernatorial debate bingo card,” wrote one debate watcher on Twitter. “Cuomo is concerned about a Tea House for Sarah Jessica Parker but not about the homeless in his state. Or the subway system,” wrote another.

You can read more about the cold temperature debate in the New York governor’s race here:

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