LAX Flight Surrounded by Police After Man Breaches Security: Live Stream

A Delta Airlines plane was grounded at Los Angeles International Airport after a security breach. According to CBS Los Angeles, a man jumped a fence and “ran onto a runway.” The situation at the airport is still fluid and an investigation is ongoing. You can watch a live stream video from the scene above, or by clicking here.

“The unidentified man was seen scaling a fence near Sepulveda Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue near the airport just before 1:30 p.m., [said] LAX Airport police spokesman Rob Pedredon. He was seen running near a Delta Airlines jet, where airport police were able to take him into custody,” CBS Los Angeles reported.

A man named Mike Fisher (who identifies himself as a police officer on social media) tweeted that there are “unconfirmed reports that a male suspect [had] scaled a security perimeter fence & ran to an aircraft on the tarmac attempting to hide underneath it.”

Some passengers on the plane say that the man “started doing push-ups” on the runway. After that, he went into sprints, apparently doing some kind of fluid exercise routine once he made it to the wide open area where aircrafts line up for take off.

According to ABC7, police were able to get to the man before he approached the Delta flight, which had been preparing for take off.

A photo of a man in handcuffs was posted on Twitter by a passenger on the Delta flight. You can see that below.

After the man was arrested, police did a full sweep of the area, checking to see if the suspect had dropped anything. It’s unknown if the man was armed or if he had anything on his person that would have been potentially dangerous. A motive is also unclear at this time.

Below are a couple of photos from the scene.

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It’s unknown if the Delta flight has taken off or if the passengers onboard were forced to de-plane because of this incident. This is a developing story.