Lubbock Power Outage: What You Need to Know

More than two thousand homes in Lubbock, Texas have been impacted by a massive power outage that hit central Lubbock on Wednesday. A spokesman for Lubbock Power and Light said that the company still did not know what had caused the power outage. On Wednesday afternoon, repair crews were still working to fix the problem.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Outage Impacted 2,159 LP&L Customers and Shut Down Traffic Lights in Central Lubbock

A statement from Lubbock Power and Light said that the outage had impacted more than two thousand people in the area from 19th Street to 50th Street, and from Indiana Avenue to University Avenue. Traffic lights were out, and police officers were sent to direct traffic at 19th and Boston, 19th and Flint, and 50th and Boston.

There was no word about when the traffic lights will be back on.

Lubbock Power and Lights has said it’s working to fix the power outage, but said it didn’t know when power would be fully restored.

The Outage Was Caused By A Damaged Section of Underground Pipe –There’s No Word On When It Will Be Repaired

At first, LP&L seemed to be in the dark about what had caused the power outage. But finally, the company tweeted that a damaged section of underground line had caused the power cut. The company said that crews are working to fix the situation — but they didn’t give any word on when the lights and power would be back on. The company said, “We understand this is a major inconvenience and are working to bring customers back up as quickly as possible.”

An earlier statement from the company read as follows:

OUTAGE ALERT: 2,159 customers in Central Lubbock are currently experiencing an interruption of service. Crews have been dispatched to the substation that serves that portion of the service territory in order to locate the cause and safely restore power to affected customers. We will provide an update as to the cause and estimated time of full restoration as soon as we can. We understand the importance of a quick restoration of power this time of year. Thank you for your patience as crews complete their work.

Repair Crews Got to Work This Afternoon, But Outages Are Still Being Reported

LP&L announced this afternoon that they had sent out repair crews to fix the problem. But two hours after that announcement, outages were still being reported in parts of Lubbock. The company had also not sent out any updates.

Frustrated customers took to social media to complain about the loss of power — and the lack of information. You can read some of their tweets here:

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