WATCH: Atlanta Police Rescue Man From Burning Car

On August 6th, the Associated Press published this video of Atlanta police officers rescuing an individual from a burning car. The video was recorded the previous day on the body camera of one of the rescuing officers.

Police say a report came in around 4 a.m. that a car had caught fire on Lenox Road near State Route 400 after running into a metal utility pole. Three people were taken to the hospital.

In the video, a policeman uses a fire extinguisher and crowbar to put out enough of the flames and pry open the door to rescue one man who seems to be trapped inside. It takes more effort than expected, but the man is pulled out alive with help from another officer.

The Atlanta Police Department sent this statement to FOX5:

We are extremely proud of the actions of these officers. They acted quickly and with determination and ultimately were able to remove the passenger before he sustained further injury. We are also thankful for the actions of the citizens who stopped and assisted immediately after the accident. This accident could have been much worse than it was where it not for the actions of the citizens and officers who put aside concern for their own safety and acted to help those in need.