George Bush Takes Selfie With a Minister at John McCain’s Funeral

George Bush selfie


George Bush attended John McCain’s funeral on Saturday, September 1, with his wife, Laura. After the memorial was over and Bush was leaving the cathedral, he was stopped by a minister to take a selfie.

Evidently, the minister couldn’t resist taking a photo with 43, but Bush appeared more than happy to pose for a quick snap before walking out the door. Bush put his arm around the minister and smiled for the picture, as former president Barack Obama looked on, clearly amused.

Several people were cracking up over the moment, which you can see below.

Bush’s selfie with the unnamed minister wasn’t the only thing that got him attention at McCain’s funeral. According to Esquire, Bush also had a moment with former first lady, Michelle Obama, who was seated next to him.

“While Joe Lieberman, one-time senator from Connecticut and running mate to Al Gore in 2000, delivered a eulogy, cameras caught George W. Bush handing something to Michelle Obama, while Barack Obama cracked a smile. That something was a mint, according to MSNBC, and it provided a moment of levity for a somber and, at times, soaring affair.”

You can watch the exchange in the video below.

The former president spoke during the proceedings. During his moving eulogy, he talked about how he and McCain became friends over the years.

“Back in the day, he could frustrate me. And I know he’d say the same thing about me. But he also made me better,” Bush said. “In the process, rivalry melted away. In the end, I got to enjoy one of life’s great gifts, the friendship of John McCain. And I’ll miss it. … John was, above all, a man with a code. He lived by a set of public virtues that brought strength and purpose to his life and to his country,” Bush said.

John McCain died on August 25, one year after being diagnosed with brain cancer. He was 81 years old.