Will Tropical Storm Gordon Hit New Orleans?

Tropical Storm Gordon Biloxi

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Gordon saturated southern Florida with rain on Monday, September 3, and is expected to intensify as it heads into the Gulf. The storm could become a Category 1 hurricane by the time it makes landfall again, late Tuesday night in Mississippi.

“Tropical Storm Gordon is projected by AccuWeather Meteorologists to continue northwestward and move over the Gulf of Mexico and gradually strengthen prior to making landfall,” AccuWeather reported on Monday.

The storm is set to make landfall near Gulfport, Mississippi. High winds and heavy rains are expected along the Gulf coast, including in Biloxi, Mississippi. New Orleans, Louisiana, is currently in the storm’s path, but isn’t expected to experience a direct hit. The storm’s eye is set to pass New Orleans on its east.

That said, a Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for that area. Up to 8 inches of rain could fall in the area by Wednesday morning.

“National Hurricane Center meteorologists issued a tropical storm watch for southeast Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Alabama on Sunday afternoon, upgrading concern for some in the Gulf Coast as potential tropical cyclone seven looks to enter the Gulf of Mexico,” reports NOLA.com.

Those living in the New Orleans area can expect to see 30 to 40 mph winds. Winds of this speed have the ability to damage more free-standing structures like carports, sheds, and unanchored mobile homes. There could also be downed tree limbs and fences.

Tropical Storm Gordon, even if it is upgraded to a hurricane by the time it reaches the gulf coast, will not be nearly as strong or damaging as Hurricane Katrina. Back in 2005, the eye of the storm passed southeast of New Orleans, ripping through the area with 125 mph winds, dropping several inches of rain, and causing major flooding. The hurricane, which was a Category 5, caused $70 billion in damage.

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