Is Cousins Subs Open on Thanksgiving 2018? Hours & Locations

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Getty Is Cousins Subs open or closed on Thanksgiving 2018?

Some people don’t want to eat at home for Thanksgiving or they just have a craving for something other than turkey. Some of those people may wonder whether chain restaurants like Cousins Subs are open on Thanksgiving Day 2018.

The answer is that most Cousins restaurants are generally closed on the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s also true of Christmas Day, but Cousins Subs locations are usually open on other holidays. You should call your local Cousins restaurant, though, because hours can vary by location.

In case you’re wondering, the same answer is true for Subway restaurants; they are generally closed on Thanksgiving, although you might find better luck with restaurants that are located inside 24-hour travel centers and the like. So location does make a difference sometimes.

Here’s what you need to know:

You Can Use the Store Locator to Find Individual Cousins Locations & Hours

How do you find a Cousins sub outlet near you? The Cousins website has a locator function that allows you to find Cousins sub restaurants near you and to also look up their addresses, phone numbers, and hours. Again, it’s a good idea to call ahead on any holiday for restaurant hours. You can find it here. It lists the restaurants by state and allows you to narrow it by other parameters such as whether the restaurant offers Wifi or sells fries. There are Cousins sub restaurants in Wisconsin.

A spot check by Heavy of some Cousins restaurants show they are generally closed on Thanksgiving Day 2018. For example, the Cousins restaurant located in Hartland, Wisconsin said it will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. In another example, the Cousins restaurant located in Kenosha, Wisconsin said it also will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

When you click on the individual store locations, you get each store’s hours per day and also an indicator of whether it is open or closed on the day that you are searching. Here is an example.

Cousins Subs describes itself as “A Wisconsin-based sandwich shop serving grilled & deli-fresh subs on freshly baked bread since 1972.”