Is Jimmy John’s Open on Thanksgiving 2018? Does It Deliver?

jimmy john's thanksgiving

Getty Is Jimmy John's open on Thanksgiving 2018?

Some people are looking for a place to get some grub on Thanksgiving Day that doesn’t involve the stresses of making a massive meal at home. Some of those people are wondering whether chain restaurants like Jimmy John’s are open on Thanksgiving 2018. Do they deliver? What are the hours?

Jimmy John’s is getting into the holiday spirit, suggesting that people use old Jimmy Johns sandwich bread for Thanksgiving stuffing. However, many Jimmy John’s restaurants are generally closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Jimmy John’s does allow for delivery and pickup of its subs at some locations, and you can order online at the Jimmy John’s website here. However, if the store locations are closed, the delivery option will be closed too.

Jimmy John’s does have a restaurant locator online here. It allows you to put in a location, such as a state or zip code, and to get a list of Jimmy John’s restaurant locations, along with store hours.

A spot check of some Jimmy John’s restaurants showed they are closed on Thanksgiving Day. For example, a store in West Allis, Wisconsin, is closed on Thanksgiving Day 2018. In another example, a restaurant in San Francisco, California, also indicated that they are not open. It’s important to call the actual restaurant, though, because franchise hours can vary by location.

The Founding of Jimmy John’s

In the about us section of the Jimmy John’s website, the owner Jimmy John Liautaud explained how he got his start. “By August of 1982, I had four sandwiches for my menu. I had two cousins at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, so I chose to look there for my first location. I found a site, it was a two car garage that had been remodeled into a pizza joint but it had closed down. The location was surrounded by bars. Perfect! Students drink, they get hungry, I’d stay open late, and I would feed them. Boom!” the site says.

“I opened in January 1983. My dad was my partner, he owned 48% and I owned 52%. The first year we did $155,000 in sales and made $40,000 profit. I split it with my dad. The second year, we did $188,000 in sales and made $50,000 profit. I worked 7 days a week, about 15 hours a day, and my salary was $200 per week, which equated to about 2 bucks an hour,” it continues.