Kristina Kaylee Morisette: A Tribute to the Thousand Oaks Victim

Kristina Kaylee Morisette

Facebook Kristina Kaylee Morisette.

Kristina Kaylee Morisette was just 20 years old when she was shot and killed at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California on November 7, 2018. Morisette worked at the bar as a cashier. Regulars described her as someone who was always ready to welcome you with a big smile and friendly demeanor.

The shooting occurred during the weekly “Country College Night,” a popular event for college students to come out and learn how to line dance.

kristina morisette


Kristina Morisette, 20

Morisette was likely the first person to see the gunman after he came through the door. Witnesses told police that the shooter targeted the security guard outside first. When he walked in, survivors explained that the next person he shot was the young woman standing behind the counter just inside the door. That young woman would have been Kristina Morisette.

Kristina Morisette was born April 20, 1998. According to her Facebook page, she was a California native. She listed Simi Valley as her hometown and she attended Simi Valley High School. She listed her favorite quote as, “Don’t over think it just let it go.”

Friend Cianna Wachter posted the above photo on Instagram with this caption: “My angel girl, I’m at a loss of words. I still don’t want to believe your gone. I wish I was there for you during your final moments. It’s unfair that you had to suffer. You didn’t deserve this. You were young and beautiful and had such a long life ahead of you. I’m so glad how close we became over the year. We shared so many laughs and memories and I don’t think I’m ever going to accept you being gone. You became part of my BL Family and that will be forever. I love you baby girl. Rest In Peace my sweet angel ?✨ @kristina_kaylee #borderlinestrong”

Fox News correspondent Ellison Barber spoke with family members who confirmed that Kristina was the youngest of three siblings. “Her family says she would stop whatever she was doing to help a friend. Her Mom says, they ‘didn’t want her life to end,’ and they ‘don’t want her memories now to end, either.'”

Friends and family members posted tributes to Kristina upon learning that she had been among the victims.

Friend Devin Cook wrote on Kristina’s Facebook page, “I can’t believe you were part of this tragedy ? You were just the sweetest girl I’ve ever met… you are the last person that deserved such a sudden fate. RIP beauty. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Prayers to your family and friends ???”

Kristina’s cousin, Brittany Williams, wrote, “Hug your loved ones as tight as you can and never take advantage of the time spent with them.. cause in a blink of an eye.. everything can change.”

Friend Dylan Short, who was also at Borderline Bar that night, described Kristina to Buzzfeed as “one of the most innocent people on the face of the planet, like one of the sweetest people.”

Kevin Pauls shared on Twitter that he and Kristina had been friends since childhood. “My gut twisted when I heard that the sweet soul that I grew up with through elementary school is now gone. Gone too soon. I’ll miss talking after school in 5th grade waiting for our parents to pick us up. Rest In Peace Kristina Morisette, you’ll be missed greatly.”

Friend Brandon Bohning wrote on twitter, “My heart is extremely heavy after hearing about Kristina Morisette. The worst things happen to the best people. She was such a sweet girl and cared for everyone. I pray for all the people who have passed away and their families. #BorderLineShooting #Together #Pray.”

Justin Bouse told the Daily News that he attended high school with Kristina and had known her since childhood. “She was always happy and super genuine. She was someone I loved to be around.”

Joseph Kaesberg attended a vigil for the victims on November. He said Kristina enjoyed cooking. “She was a great cook, and when we saw each other about a week ago, we talked about our annual Friendsgiving dinner. She and I liked to do most of the cooking. She was always so warm and generous and could bring anyone’s mood up.”

The gunman in the Thousand Oaks shooting killed 12 people before turning the gun on himself. Police have not determined a motive. You can read more about the shooting and the gunman here.

You can read tributes to each victim, and see their photos, here.

GoFundMe has confirmed a verified fundraiser campaign has been started to help the victims who survived the shooting and the families of those who were killed. The funds are being collected by the Rotary Club of Westlake Village, where Borderline Bar & Grill owner Brian Hynes is a member.

You can make a donation to the fund here.