Nextdoor App’s Polling Map Shows Voting Locations, Neighbors Who Voted


Nextdoor App has integrated a polling map that shows users where the nearest voting locations are and allows voters to figure out what polling stations they should go to based on their precinct.

If you don’t have the app, you can use the website to enter your address, find polling locations, and check to see if your neighbors voted.

Polling locations are most often located in school gymnasiums, churches, and town hall buildings, but vary by precinct. Depending on the size of a given city or town, there can be several designated precincts. In some towns, all precincts vote in the same location. It is important to know which precinct you are in and where you need to go to vote as you will not be permitted to vote at any polling location of your choosing.

This is what makes Nextdoor App so useful on election day.

To find a polling location near you by using Nextdoor, simply download the app to your mobile device, put in your home address, and click the voting map. Polling locations are marked by a blue house with a red roof and a white checkmark. Neighbors who already voted show up on the app’s map as a USA-themed circular badge, and neighbors who are planning to vote show up as a calendar square marked Nov. 6.

Additionally, Nextdoor allows you to check your voter registration and read your full election ballot.

Back in July, the New York Times reported that Nextdoor was gearing up for the 2018 political primaries by “partnering with public agencies and local governments and encouraging civil political discourse in an increasing partisan America.”

When it’s not an election year, Nextdoor can be used for a variety of other things.

“Nextdoor is the best way to stay informed about what’s going on in your neighborhood—whether it’s finding a last-minute babysitter, planning a local event, or sharing safety tips. There are so many ways our neighbors can help us, we just need an easier way to connect with them,” reads Nextdoor’s website.


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