Tim Lewis, Alisyn Camerota’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts

Alisyn Camerota and Tim Lewis

Alisyn Camerota/Instagram Alisyn Camerota and husband Tim Lewis.

Tim Lewis has been married to CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota since 2002. He is a partner at a private equity firm in Connecticut. Lewis and Camerota have three children together.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Tim Lewis Is a Partner at Southfield Capital in Connecticut

Tim Lewis Alisyn Camerota husband

Tim Lewis.

Tim Lewis is an investor and has served in leadership positions for the past two decades. He currently is a partner at Southfield Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. He has been with the company since April 2014.

Lewis explains on his Linkedin page that the firm “invests in growth-oriented lower middle market companies” and “business services companies.”

Prior to joining Southfield, Lewis was a partner at Atlantic Street Capital in Stamford for nearly five years. The firm focused on investing in “distressed and deep value companies.” From 2003 until 2009, Lewis was a partner at CRG Group in New York City.

2. Tim Lewis & Alisyn Camerota Initially Struggled to Get Pregnant But Now Have Three Children Together

Tim Lewis and Alisyn Camerota have three children together. Their daughters are fraternal twins. Francesca and Alessandra were born in 2005. Younger brother Nathaniel arrived two years later.

Camerota spoke publicly about her struggle to get pregnant. She explained in a TODAY show interview, which you can watch above, that she and Lewis spent three years struggling to conceive, starting at age 35. Camerota used the NBC interview to talk about the importance of having a support group when battling fertility issues.

Camerota also wrote about the struggle in a 2010 piece for SELF Magazine. The couple decided to try in vitro fertilization. They got pregnant twice, but both resulted in miscarriages. Camerota described Lewis as being “supportive and wonderful” throughout the ordeal. “I thought, This will never work, we will never have a child, I will be deprived of this thing that is so important to me—a family. He always said, ‘We will have a family whether by hook or by crook.’ He was open to adoption—that was very comforting to me.”

They became pregnant with their twin daughters during the fourth IVF cycle. Camerota said that getting pregnant with her son was a happy surprise; she didn’t realize she was pregnant until 16 weeks.

3. Camerota Credits A Former Coworker For Demonstrating What a ‘Solid Relationship’ Looked Like Before She Met Lewis

Alisyn Camerota and Tim Lewis tied the knot in 2002.

Camerota credits her friend and former coworker Maria Villalobos for preparing her to have a healthy romantic relationship. She shared in a 2016 article for CNN that she spent a lot of time with Maria and her husband, including tagging along on business trips.

Camerota wrote, “I became a student in a master class on how to have a solid relationship. Watching Matt and Maria’s marriage gave me a vision for how to act in a partnership. Moreover, Maria took me under her wing and doled out some loving tough medicine on things I need to work on.”

She ended the article by stating, “I don’t know if Maria cast some sort of magic spell on me, but somehow the man she described is exactly who I’ve been happily married to now for 14 years. Maria helped me open my eyes and my heart to a long-lasting relationship. I don’t think I could have figured it out without Maria’s love, patience and wacky wisdom.” You can read the full piece here.

4. Lewis Earned His MBA From Northwestern & Started His Career in Chicago

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Tim Lewis earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University in 1988. His Linkedin profile does not indicate where he worked after graduating from college. But in 1991, he began working toward an MBA degree at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

After earning his MBA in 1993, Lewis stayed in the Chicago area to start his career. He joined the Keystone Group in 1993 as a principal. After more than five years with the firm, he moved on to become the Director of Operations for RHC Spacemaster, a manufacturing company. He made the move to New York City in 2003 after RHC was bought out.

5. Tim Lewis & Alisyn Camerota Are Raising Their Children in Connecticut

According to a New York Times profile on Camerota in 2009, the couple lived in a brownstone on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for several years. She also shared in a 2017 article in Working Mother that when the children were younger, Lewis was tasked with getting them into bed, due to her own very early mornings as a TV anchor.

In 2012, the family moved out of Manhattan to Westport, Connecticut. According to Zillow, the couple purchased the house for $3 million and it is now worth nearly $3.3 million. The 6-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom house is 6,469 square feet and sits on one acre of land.

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